30 Minutes Social Networking Could Secure Your Next Job

Blog author – Richard McMunn, Founder and CEO at How2become

Unless you are unbelievably happy with your current job, the odds are high that you will eventually be looking to make a career move. In the current down economy connecting with the right people who can help you land that dream job is absolutely essential. While traditional networking is still important, more companies are making use of the Internet and social media in particular, to recruit employees. If you want to compete in today’s shrunken down job market you must go where the corporate recruiters are.

The good news in utilising the main social sites, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, is you do not need to invest a huge amount of time to network. In fact, you can spend as little as 30 minutes per day on social media sites networking yourself to a new job. A recent study suggests that companies are turning to the Internet and particularly social media sites to recruit employees. If you do not have a profile you need to start one, and if you do have a profile there are some tips you should follow that will increase your chances of getting noticed.

First, it is essential that you have an account on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These are the three main social media sites corporate users use to scrutinize potential employees. You can’t accomplish everything you need to do all at once. However, spend at least 30 minutes a day working on these sites and you are on your way to a new career.

One vital task that may seem obvious, but you must do, is to keep your social media profiles clean. Many people use Facebook as an additional communication tool, and have a lot of fun with it. However, corporate recruiters do not need to see your friends posting images and comments to your wall. The way to portray a professional image is to have one profile for friends only, and a second professional profile for visitors not connected to you. You can change your setting in the account manager, and you can certainly accomplish this task in less than 30 minutes.

Twitter is a mini social media site. If you are not yet signed up do so with a professional image in mind. If you use Twitter in a non-professional way you might benefit by setting up a second professional account. LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals and offers an excellent way of connecting with other professionals who share your job interests. Make sure your profile is professional on all three sites, because prospective employers will likely Google your name. You want a Google search to portray a professional image. Adding some personality is fine; however, make sure your professional bases are covered.

Spend 30 minutes a day connecting via social media with companies you want to work for. Do not be afraid of updating your tweets and status to a company that interests you. This is because the business likely has its own social media presence, and you just might catch the eye of a corporate recruiter or a manager. While, you may not want to add someone to your network you have not met personally, you can certainly check out and join the LinkedIn groups and communities the person or company you are researching is connected to. This is how social media networking is accomplished, and all it takes is 30 minutes per day. Be persistent, and network on social media every day; this is the way to get noticed, and hired.

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2 Responses to “30 Minutes Social Networking Could Secure Your Next Job”

  1. gergana

    Linked in is the perfect place to find a new job and to find people in common with your interest. Facebook in my opinion is more for chatting sharing and for fun. It is the best place to check on your new servant but not to find a new job.

    • oasishr

      Hi Gergana – thanks for your comment. Whilst I agree that Facebook is designed more for private life than professional, most businesses have a dedicated fan page representing their company and promoting their employer brand. In my opinion, interacting with prospective employers in this was can be great for soaking up information you would otherwise not come across and responding directly to posted job opportunities. Best, Oasis HR (Katie Barr)


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