7 Reasons why it’s better to use a Recruitment Consultancy to secure your next role

As Internal Recruitment teams become better at driving direct attraction, it does beg the question ‘what are the benefits of using an external Recruitment Consultancy?’. More so, you may even question whether a Consultancy is going to have access to the roles you want if the company are hiring directly…

Ultimately, there are some roles that you may only get if you engage directly with the hiring company, however as external Recruitment specialists, we can offer a number of specific benefits during your job search, such as:

1. Identifying the perfect next role – from experience I often find that even when you are actively looking for a role you might not yet be 100% certain what the right role looks like and what is important to you. A good Recruiter should ask you probing questions to help you ensure you are piercingly clear on what you want

2. Having our ‘fingers on the pulse’ – having firmed up what your dream job looks like, we can give a unique and balanced view on the right types of business for you and can give advice on what sort of skills, experience etc that this business looks for. We can also give you wider visibility in terms of the state of the market, the type of competition you are up against and so on

3. Telling you what you need to know – whether it’s the layout and content of your CV or what you need to say in an interview, we can give you unique and invaluable insight to ensure you have the best chance of getting an interview and ultimately getting that dream job

4. Selling your experience – before you even get through the front door we can educate the client on why you are the right person for the job and can really bring your CV to life (ensuring you stand out from the crowd rather than being yet another CV amongst hundreds of others). Combining this with having our ‘fingers on the pulse’ this should definitely give you the upper hand on the competition

5. Helping you make a move you might not think was possible – HR is one of the most transferable professions across sectors yet many businesses still only want to consider candidates from competitor organisations (in the same sector). We can challenge this convention and often get you in front of a client due to promoting your transferable skills and personal characteristics (which may be unlikely to come across from your CV)

6. Job-seeking is a full-time job! – from finding the right roles to apply for, to organising an interview, to making sure you are prepared for an interview, to driving the process through to conclusion, we can take a lot of the pain away from what can be a hugely time-consuming process leaving you free to focus on getting the job (whilst also not compromising your day job!)

7. We’ve got the low-down – most of our client relationships have been nurtured over a period of years, which means we have an invaluable insight into the nature of their business and the challenges they face. This puts us in a great position to coach you prior to your interview and gives you a distinct competitive advantage over other candidates.

So there you have it, there are significant benefits of using an external Recruitment Consultancy, however to get maximum value it’s important you keep up your end of the bargain. You need to be transparent and honest around your expectations, make yourself available for interviews, respond to calls and emails in a timely manner and make sure you give 100% during all parts of the process.

As professional ‘job-hunters’, it is in our interest to open up as many opportunities to you and ensure you have the tools to wow in an interview situation. Our job is securing you the right job; it’s as simple as that.

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