8 Simple Steps you SHOULD follow to Secure your Next Role

FindingaJob“So, how’s your job search being going so far?”…Not an unlikely question to hear when initially speaking to a recruiter and yet for some it brings such anguish and frustration, particularly for those who feel they have all the right experience yet aren’t reaping the benefits of being in a candidate driven market. Whilst having only been in recruitment for a mere seven months now, one of the most interesting discoveries for me has been learning how one candidate’s perception of the market can be completely different to another. And yet how can this be? For active candidates, their answer is based purely on the success in them either identifying or being in process for a number of different opportunities.

This blog aims to identify those key top tips to give you the edge in your job search and ultimately result in you responding to that killer question with “great so far!”.

1. Network

“Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for” (Christine Comaford-Lunch). If you want to get recognized and stand out from the thousands of other candidates in your situation, you need to immerse yourself in meeting new people, including those outside your immediate network. Here at Oasis HR, we host Candidate Drinks Evenings primarily for this cause. Not only does it give us a great opportunity to meet you face to face but also the chance for you to meet other great candidates as well.

2. Keep up to date

We as recruiters know better than anyone how quickly the market place can change so be proactive and keep up to date with market trends and analysis. APSCo is a great source for providing this information so check out their website for further details. Whilst being aware of the market on a wider scale is great, be sure to read local publications as well, particularly if you are only looking for roles within more remote locations than the big city!

If you find like many of us that time is tight, Oasis HR run Live Webinars which effectively provide a market snapshot, so get in contact with a member of the team to enquire about the date/time of our next installment.

3. Be flexible

If  pursuing opportunities through a recruitment agency, try to be as flexible as possible. This ultimately results in a much swifter process for all involved. Whether it is arranging a face-to-face with a recruiter, lining up a Skype call or arranging an interview, being flexible will only make you more credible as a candidate to both the recruiter and client.

I believe the benefit of making the effort to meet a recruiter face-to-face is invaluable. Whilst it may appear the agency do not have any current opportunities of interest, this doesn’t mean to say they won’t in the future. By meeting you are more prominent in the recruiter’s mind and they will have a far better understanding of your expectations going forward – this will only speed up the recruitment process!

4. Market map

I recently attended a training day on effective candidate sourcing, yet many of the pointers are transferable to candidates themselves. You need to establish a clear brief of what you are looking for in your next role – if you don’t know what’s right then how can anybody else? Map out the businesses you would most like to work in and identify your key reasoning behind why you have selected them. Ideally you want to focus on the pains (why you are looking to leave your current position) and pleasures (what does the spec look like for your dream position). Only then can you truly job search, last thing you want is a case of the blind leading the blind.

5. Be concise

Being clear and concise will be vital in conducting your effective job search. Following on from market mapping the opportunities you would ideally like to explore, you need to then evidence this via your skill set in your CV. At all points, your CV should be geared towards achieving your dream job and what better way than to highlight your key achievements. For further tips on this, please check out our blog titled “10 Top Tips For Successfully Selling Yourself With Your CV”.

6. Continue learning

Even though you have made that big decision and are on the look-out for your next opportunity, don’t fall into the trap of resigning yourself from your current position.Continue to expand your skill set within your current role even when seeking another. Always keep your job search as your direct focus as who knows what new skill set could enhance your chances in getting your next exciting role!

7. Be open

Whilst it is important to have a clear idea of what your next move looks like, always be open to exploring opportunities you hadn’t considered before. On multiple occasions I have spoken with candidates who for example hadn’t considered positions within a varying industry sector. Respectively, following an interview, their complete mind set had changed and they had a whole new outlook on what their dream role looked like, so always keep an open mind – you never know what opportunity is around the corner!

From an agency perspective, additionally be open to taking on advice and prep from recruiters when at interview stage. They will undoubtedly know the client very well so be able to add some real value and increase your chance of success. For further tips on effective interviewing, please refer to a blog written by one of colleagues titled “Answering Competency Questions With Confidence”.

8. Persevere

Nobody ever said being on the job hunt was easy so throughout it all be sure to persevere and even when the chips are down, keep to your agenda and focus on the final goal. Above all, don’t settle for the first opportunity that arises – be sure that you are making the move for all the right reasons.

Follow these simple top tips and your dream job will soon be within reach! 

Amanda Hicking

Written by , Consultant

Amanda joined Oasis HR in October 2013 as a Researcher after graduating with a first class degree in Sport Studies. Having begun her recruitment career on the permanent desk, Amanda is now a Consultant on the interim team and avidly looking to progress through the ranks. Amanda sources for positions across the full HR spectrum and is always keen to throw herself into new sourcing challenges. In her spare time, she is a keen sport-enthusiast with netball being her main sport and currently competes in the national Premier League 3 with her team Kent Club. Previous accomplishments include representing Scotland in the European Championships and she has most recently signed up to complete the Brighton marathon 2015!

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3 Responses to “8 Simple Steps you SHOULD follow to Secure your Next Role”

  1. Kieran MacManus


    Really enjoyed your blog. I’m in middle of job hunting. I agree with focus as I’m reminded of a wise man, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will lead you there.”
    Upon reflection, I have decided to leave agency recruitment and take a more cerebral RPO / On-site role; I am currently in conversation with Alexander Mann Solutions.
    I agree with your point about learning. I am in the middle of a great book, called, “Give and Take” by Adam Grant; it’s a refreshing paradigm-shifting read.
    All the best Amanda,

  2. jackie keefe

    Excellent article. I shall look up when you next have a candidate drinks evening in Bristol.
    Jackie Keefe


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