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7 Questions Recruitment Leaders Must Ask Themselves Before They Define an Onboarding Strategy

With poor onboarding repeatedly held responsible for why employees resign in their first year, we challenged senior Resourcing and HR leaders from our Think Tank community to shed some light on best practice onboarding. Collectively, we’ve prepared seven questions (and answers!) that you should ask yourself before you define your strategy. This Resourcing Think Tank,… Read more »

RTT – Inducting and Onboarding New Starters: Getting the Basics Right

Onboarding is a complex and often poorly executed part of the employee engagement cycle. Whether it’s inducting an external hire or supporting an internal move, perfecting this process is crucial to establishing a positive employee relationship.  A common challenge associated with onboarding is maintaining control of a central process that’s consistent for all employees.  These… Read more »

RTT – Getting off on the right foot… Exploring the onboarding process and its associated challenges

These are the combined thoughts and takeaways from two Think Tanks on the Onboarding process. For further information please contact its co-founder Jeremy at Oasis HR – 0207 11 88 444 | Challenges… Whether you’re an established retail company or a global giant in the construction industry, all businesses seem to face similar challenges… Read more »

Standing Out In a Competitive Candidate Market

Looking for a job in today’s climate is tough. If you’re currently out of work or between assignments, you’re probably feeling… Disheartened by the lack of opportunities out there, Intimidated by the volume of applications each job is receiving, Disappointed not to hear back from the roles you are applying for, Disillusioned by overly positive… Read more »

6 Things to Consider When Preparing for Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Addressing workplace equality can significantly benefit an organisation’s culture and reputation. It ensures talent is supported and helps businesses achieve their organisational objectives. And whilst diversity headlines have largely been dominated by the Gender Pay Gap over the last couple of years, we’re now moving into the age of ethnicity pay gap reporting. The consultation… Read more »

5 HR Processes You Can Improve With the Use of HR Automation Tools

The HR department is responsible for the security, management and transfer of high-compliance employee data. Many of the processes managed by HR are time-consuming and require the highest attention to detail and utmost accuracy. Afterall, no matter what process, one-single piece of inaccurate information could mean the difference in an employee getting paid or not,… Read more »

6 Tips for Hiring Generation Z Candidates

In five year’s time ‘Generation Z‘ (those born between 1990-1999) will represent over 20% of our workforce and, just like millennials, are entering our employment landscape with fresh ideals and drivers. Speaking generally, this generation is likely to be: highly ambitious; passionate about cause and purpose; will seek clear career direction and development; and will… Read more »

Coffee with… Claire Gray, European Talent Manager @ Canon Europe ☕

Working for an organisation with a true sense of ‘purpose’ can be incredibly empowering; particularly when working in an HR role. For European Talent Manager, Claire Gray, buying into Canon’s philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ is so important because it helps unite the business with a shared common ground. Ahead of the Resourcing Think Tank that Claire’s… Read more »

RTT – Developing a Successful Referral Programme

An effective referral programme can be a powerful, economical channel to source fantastic talent; however one that can often be challenging to master. From structuring and incentivising the scheme, through to successfully marketing and managing the process, there are several elements deemed critical to ensure a referral scheme success. It seems that all too often… Read more »

HRLTT – Automation and its Impact on HR

Over the past decade we’ve experienced tremendous advancements in the field of technology, and as such, various HR processes and activities can be completed much faster and more accurately than ever before. With the rise of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, innovators in our sector continue to truly push the boundaries of what’s possible. However, as… Read more »

RTT – Getting to Grips with GDPR in Recruitment and HR

In light of the increasingly digital landscape that dominates the world of today, a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be coming into force next May to help protect personal data. These regulations will undoubtedly have huge implications for businesses who possess or control data, therefore it’s crucial our policies and procedures help ensure… Read more »

DTT – Developing a Career Returner Programme

Powerful Brands are Created through Powerful Employees In today’s working world, there are no set rules for how careers develop and evolve over time. Employers recognise that a powerful brand is created through powerful employees. This means not only allowing, but encouraging staff to use their benefits, leave, and PTO time. Acknowledging the various career… Read more »

RTT – C-Suite Level Recruitment: Best Practice and Lessons Learnt

Hiring at c-suite level is different from any other form of recruitment. Companies are often looking for a needle in a haystack and any decision to hire is by no means taken lightly. With so much riding on selecting the right individual, it’s crucial for recruitment to have a firm handle on the whole process…. Read more »

RTT – Bridging the Gap Between Resourcing and Talent

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Resourcing Think Tank (RTT) held on Wednesday 24th June 2015, hosted by Which?’s Emily Woolley (Resourcing Manager), and titled ‘Bridging the Gap between Resourcing and Talent’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion held amongst senior Recruitment and Talent professionals… Read more »

Candidate Experience and the Path to Enlightenment……

It seems that you can’t read a recruiting blog these days without a well-meaning individual bashing you over the head with the phrase ‘candidate experience’ and foretelling your impending doom if you don’t get it right. In my opinion, what most commentators fail to do for Talent Acquisition is to clearly shine a light on… Read more »

RTT – Harnessing the Business to Deliver Outstanding On-boarding within Outlets at a Local Level

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Resourcing Think Tank (RTT) held on Thursday 24th April 2014 hosted by Corrett Restaurant’s Jenny Parry (Head of HR) titled ‘Harnessing the Business to Deliver Outstanding On-boarding within Outlets at a Local Level’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion… Read more »

Sourcing Skills for the Future in a Candidate Driven Market

The HR Think Tank Series, powered by Oasis HR, presents observations around an alternative method of sourcing talent for the future: seek candidates with ‘business fit and unique skills’ irrespective of role availability. Conclusions are drawn from a Talent Think Tank (TTT) hosted at Ericsson by Dorian Webb, Interim Talent Management and Acquisition. TTT members,… Read more »

RTT – The Challenges and Opportunities Singapore’s Competitive Talent Attraction Market Offer

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the inaugural Singapore Resourcing Think Tank (RTT) held on Tuesday 4th September 2012 hosted by Standard Chartered, titled ‘The Challenges and Opportunities Singapore’s Competitive Talent Attraction Market Offer’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion held amongst senior HR and Resourcing professionals… Read more »

DTT – A Business Case for Diversity – Cementing it on the Agenda

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the Diversity Think Tank (DTT) held on 11th June at RBS; bringing together senior diversity professionals from a range of blue-chip companies. The DTT falls under the umbrella of the HR Think Tank Series, bought to you by Oasis Search, the network driven HR Recruitment provider.  For more… Read more »

RTT – Structuring, Incentivising and Supporting an Internal Resourcing Function

Here are some of the main thoughts and takeaways from a Think Tank held in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire on 10th November 2011. For further information and insight please contact Jeremy at Oasis HR – 0207 11 88 444 / One small step… Be clear on your desired outcomes and work in… Read more »