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Rachel’s background is in corporate HR in the permanent and contractor market supporting as an HR Business Partner in different industries and cultures predominately during rapid growth and transformation. Her experience working with a diverse workforce has enabled her to successfully support the business as an HRBP and as a subject matter expert at both individual contributor and people manager level. Most recently Rachel has taken time out to focus on Health and Wellness for personal development and to help others. This is an area of great interest and with the increase in focus on creating awareness of mental health issues she has built her knowledge to give her the ability to provide tangible advice. Advice on the benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise as well as practical methods to cope with stress. By sharing her own experience of her fitness transformation within her challenge groups the benefit to others has been more impactful and authentic. Rachel’s professional purpose is to work with organisations that are forward thinking and embraces a people agenda in-line with the business objective. She works hard to ensure that her role is valued and worthy of the effort that she puts in and contributes to the overall success of the organisation. By combining her interest in Health & Wellness with her HR experience her goal is to raise awareness of the current Mental Health challenges in the UK by providing practical thought provoking documentary on this subject matter.

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