Brexit: Scenario Planning for HR and Recruitment Professionals

It’s less than a month until B-Day (Brexit, for anyone that’s also bored of hearing that word) and we’re still none the wiser about what’s actually going to happen on 29th March!

HR Think Tank Series Oasis HR Prepring for Brexit Summary Video

Following our third Brexit-related Think Tank held last month, we are pleased to share a presentation delivered by Jonathan Hearn (Legal Director at DLA Piper) around the four key scenarios that could play-out at the end of this month and how best to prepare for each from an HR and people perspective.

The four Brexit-related scenarios that were discussed are below:

Scenario 1: The transitional deal which the UK Government has provisionally agreed with EU negotiators is signed, and runs as planned, until at least 31 December 2020

Scenario 2: No deal is signed.  So the transitional deal isn’t signed.  The UK leaves on 29 March 2019 with no overall deal in place

Scenario 3: There’s some other deal

Scenario 4: Our exit from the EU is delayed beyond 29/3/19. Or no Brexit…

In the SlideShare presentation below Jonathan answers two key questions in light of the scenarios outlined above. 1) what happens immediately after we leave the EU on 29th March? And, 2) what happens further down the line from an immigration policy perspective?

Some key Brexit considerations for HR professionals:

  • Ensure your employment decisions are not race discriminatory within the UK’s current law
  • Consider reviewing your equality and diversity policy, making sure you have high-level backing and a cohesive communications plan
  • Remember that ‘right-to-work’ checks will continue to apply
  • New immigration rules are due to apply to EU27 citizens arriving after 31 December 2020
  • Get a handle on whether you have UK citizens working in other countries

Finally, we’d like to leave you with our key takeaways from the Think Tank:

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