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Why Taking a Career Break Can Boost Your Career

While it was once considered a risk to take a career break, around 31.7 per cent of UK professionals have successfully taken time out during their careers. People may choose to take a career break to concentrate on family commitments, volunteering, travelling or studying, before returning to their job. But while as an employee, you… Read more »

8 Simple Steps you SHOULD follow to Secure your Next Role


“So, how’s your job search being going so far?”…Not an unlikely question to hear when initially speaking to a recruiter and yet for some it brings such anguish and frustration, particularly for those who feel they have all the right experience yet aren’t reaping the benefits of being in a candidate driven market. Whilst having only… Read more »

The idea behind Performance appraisals

Performance appraisals themselves are under increasing scrutiny and seen by more and more Organisations to be performing below track. Some leading businesses are scrapping them altogether, or refocusing them on future potential, while others are expanding them to cover not just what people have achieved, but also how they have done it. In many cases this… Read more »

Stop the CV Clichés !

On average 427,000 CVs are posted on each week, to put that into context that would be approximately the entire population of Bermuda uploading their CV every single day. With this staggering number of CVs in circulation it is by no means a surprise that recruiters must use their time efficiently to review and… Read more »

How to Find Talent on LinkedIn – Infographic

talent on linkedin

Gone are the days when business executives debate whether social media is the flavor of the month at the buzzword ice cream shop. Social media has become one of the most invaluable resources for staffing and recruiting companies.  And, its popularity continues to gain momentum. Today, the vast majority of business professionals and job seekers are… Read more »

The Top Trends in HR Change Management – 2015

trends graph

After more than 10 years recruiting across the HR market, we’ve worked very closely with organisations undergoing transformational change. It’s clear that over the past two decades, the discipline of change management has been molded and evolved to align with now commercially driven HR functions. In order to see just quite how things have progressed… Read more »

9 things you should NEVER do on Social Media when Job Hunting

Social Media Mistakes

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that having an active social media presence will actually aid your transition from one job to the next. Ensuring your experience and skills are well documented and searchable undoubtedly helps you to stand out from competitors and of course be discovered for relevant opportunities. However, social media is a… Read more »

God Save Our Generation!

The Sex Pistols

“Why don’t you all fade away And not try to dig what we all say I don’t want to cause a big sensation Just talking ’bout my generation” My Generation, The Who “God Save The Queen A fascist regime They made you a moron A potential H-bomb” God Save The Queen, Sex Pistols These are… Read more »

For the Sake of the Integrity of the Recruitment Profession, Please Stop!

Win win

Having worked in the Recruitment industry for seven years I’ve seen a huge amount of great work, both agency side and in-house. There is, however, something in particular that still happens frequently which I believe creates significant damage to an industry I feel extremely proud to be a part of. I’m talking about agencies and… Read more »

5 Things your Interviewer Doesn’t Want to Hear

Bad interview

At last (!) you’ve found a job that sounds like a great fit, pulled together your CV, written an application form or met with a recruiter, perhaps done some psychometric testing and finally you get the note – “Congratulations, we’d like to bring you forward to interview”! The excitement sets in and we’d be lying… Read more »

Counter-Offers: Three Reasons you Shouldn’t Accept One

Counter Offer pic

The term ‘counter-offer’ is being used more and more frequently in today’s recruitment climate, but when feelings of flattery are set to one side, what’s the reality of actually accepting one? This summer, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation confirmed that the UK officially entered a candidate driven market; evidenced by a rise in empty roles… Read more »

Six Killer Questions to ask yourself before you Accept a Job Offer

job offer

You’ve done the hard part. You’ve been through how ever many interview stages, met with all sorts of members of the company and you’ve managed to impress them all and get the job. Congratulations! But before you accept the offer what should you consider? Confucius, who lived 500 years BC, is famously quoted for stating… Read more »