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The Top 10 Secrets of Getting yourself Headhunted

Hannah Waters

Headhunting is one of the highest forms of flattery within recruitment. You have stood out in a saturated market, for one reason or another, and we want to offer you a (hopefully) better opportunity. So what is it that makes you stand out compared to another LinkedIn profile (your colleague, for example), and how can… Read more »

Students Take Career Planning More Seriously as University Fees Increase

Based on the introduction of higher university fees, the HR Think Tank Series (HRTTS) highlights that students are taking career planning more seriously and becoming more vigilant when sourcing work experience and job opportunities. Employers suggest that failing to engage with undergraduates during their first year of university will prove detrimental to graduate sourcing plans,… Read more »

The Power of Networking – Attending an HR Think Tank Series Event

In a world propelled by the continued development of technology and communication channels, it often seems that people forget the need to fully engage with market peers, suppliers, clients and occasionally, even colleagues. Whilst it’s easy to ascertain how individuals hide behind their computer screen and telephone, why is it that we avoid doing what… Read more »

Strategic Workforce Planning – A Real Opportunity to Partner with the Business

A recent Talent Think Tank (TTT), facilitated by Oasis HR, reports on what it means to effectively develop a Strategic Workforce Plan (SWP) and how by conducting this exercise HR have a crucial opportunity to partner strategically with the business. In today’s current economic client, retaining talent and ensuring it’s in the right place at… Read more »

APSCo Crowns Oasis HR as ‘Innovator of the Year’ at 2012 Excellence Awards

Following an announcement yesterday (17/10/2012), Oasis HR (Specialist HR Recruitment Agency) has been honoured with the title of Innovator of the Year at the APSCo 2012 Awards for Excellence. The accolade specifically reflects the company’s development of a unique networking platform for strategic thought-leaders in the HR space, the HR Think Tank Series (HRTTS). The… Read more »

5 Top Tips for Linking Pay and Performance

It goes without saying that all ER professionals want the nirvana solution when it comes to pay and performance, whereby their recognised unions (and of course their employees) buy-into their pay policy and accept that there is a sufficient distinction when it comes to measuring performance for both operational and strategic employees. But, how is… Read more »

Oasis HR Wins Award for Graduate Attraction Strategy

Oasis HR has claimed the top spot for ‘Best Item of Self Promotion’ at the Recruitment Business Awards (RBA) 2012 for a visual portrayal of the company as a graduate employer. The specialist HR recruitment consultancy pipped two other finalists to the post, and was amongst other RBA winners from companies representing brands such as… Read more »

Internal Recruitment Functions Dispute the Need to Financially Incentivise their Teams

Following consultation with Internal Senior Recruitment Leads at a recent Resourcing Think Tank held at SAP, Oasis HR presents findings highlighting a clear difference in opinion regarding financially incentivising in-house recruiters. Approximately 30% of those present felt that incentivising internal recruiters was unnecessary compared to the remainder of the group, who believed that monetary reward… Read more »

Oasis HR Shortlisted for Best Item of Self Promotion

Oasis HR has been shortlisted for a Recruitment Business Award for ‘Best Item of Self Promotion’, a title due to be announced at a presentation dinner on 27th September 2012. The specialist HR Recruitment Consultancy receives recognition for developing a unique visual representation of its business, known as a ‘Recruit-O-Graphic’, in a bid to attract… Read more »

Oasis Search Revises Name to Assist International Expansion Plans

On 1st September 2012, Oasis Search revised its name to Oasis HR to better reflect the industry for which it recruits. All elements of the business, for example the company registration number, remain the same. This rebranding exercise has been implemented in support of the company’s imminent international expansion plans which will see the HR… Read more »

Candidates’ Preconceived Brand Perceptions causes Diversity Standards to Suffer

The Diversity Think Tank (DTT), a subgroup of the HR Think Tank Series (HRTT), combines the intelligence of top diversity experts and reports that often, an unrepresentative workforce can be a reflection of candidates deselecting themselves based on preconceived brand perceptions. With diversity being an ever growing issue on the HR agenda, the DTT, facilitated… Read more »

Unions’ Relevancy Depletes due to Change in Technological and Cultural Shift

Oasis HR presents findings highlighting a struggle for unions to remain relevant within today’s employment industry. Information is taken from an Employee Relations Think Tank (ERTT), facilitated by Oasis HR, comprised of senior ER professionals whose collective responsibility spans in excess of half a million employees globally. The recent ERTT, held in May 2012, suggests… Read more »

Sourcing Skills for the Future in a Candidate Driven Market

The HR Think Tank Series, powered by Oasis HR, presents observations around an alternative method of sourcing talent for the future: seek candidates with ‘business fit and unique skills’ irrespective of role availability. Conclusions are drawn from a Talent Think Tank (TTT) hosted at Ericsson by Dorian Webb, Interim Talent Management and Acquisition. TTT members,… Read more »

Internal Talent Progression – Fail to be Heard and Simply Fail?

The HR Think Tank Series, powered by Oasis HR, presents findings suggesting that high profile talent are hindering chances of progressing internally by failing to get themselves noticed by Senior Leadership. Conclusions are drawn from a Talent Think Tank (TTT) hosted at AXA UK’s head-quarters by Mike Ashman, Talent Identification Manager. This Talent Think Tank… Read more »