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My HR Director does not ​want Accurate Recruitment Data, Reporting or Analytics!

“The HR Director does​ not want accurate data and reporting in case they d​o​n’t like the answers…” “​We ​know ​our ​current data is really poor but we don’t know where to start…” “​Our​ head is in the sand…” These are just three snippets from recent conversations I’ve had with Talent Acquisition professionals working for FTSE… Read more »

RTT – I know you’re not… but is the Government ready for the Apprenticeship Levy?

In spring this year the way the government funds apprenticeships will be changing. From 6th April we will see the introduction of an Apprenticeship Levy that requires UK organisations with a ‘pay bill’ of over £3m a year to invest in apprenticeship schemes.   For many businesses, offering apprenticeship schemes is new territory and will require… Read more »

RTT – Strategic Workforce Planning and Forecasting

In times of unprecedented change, many organisations struggle to adequately balance supply and demand when it comes to their workforce. Once the preserve of the management consultancies and professional services organisations, the need for solid insight that supports better resource planning decisions (in a function already flooded with data) is now routinely sought by HR… Read more »

TTT – Global Talent Development Programmes and Measuring their Success

Organisations are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to developing talent programmes to help their employees fulfil their potential, and achieve and maintain competitive advantage. What’s critical is that such talent programmes are closely aligned to the business’s long-term objectives and succession planning needs. During this session we discussed talent programmes on a global scale… Read more »

RTT – Managing a Large Pool of Contractors

The growth of the contractor market has played an incredibly significant role in shaping the UK’s economy over the last 12 months. And for some industries, notably IT and construction, the demand for skilled contractors is showing no signs of slowing. More people than ever are seeking opportunities that provide greater flexibility than a traditional 9-5 ‘job for… Read more »

Recruiting Redefined: How Marketing and Sales Changed the Game

In today’s highly competitive field of recruitment, landing the best available talent requires organisations to rethink their resourcing strategies. In recent decades recruiting has undergone a paradigm shift. Traditionally, top organisations outsourced their recruitment work to external agencies. Yet as the demand for skilled employees increased and unemployment decreased, organisations began bringing their recruitment processes in-house. Human… Read more »

DTT – Diversity as a Business Strategy

HR functions have been proactively championing and pushing the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) agenda for a long time; but does it have the required buy-in from the rest of the business or is it still just a ‘tick-box’ exercise for many organisations? It’s often easy to find yourself repeating the same practices out of habit… Read more »

RTT – Integrating Marketing and Recruitment

An increasing number of organisations are embracing the concept that recruiters should be thinking more like marketers, and rightly so. However it is often challenging to integrate marketing with recruitment to ensure that there is a consistent message and clear lines of accountability. Successful recruitment marketing tends to come down to two key components; firstly… Read more »

RTT – Using Technology to Enhance Candidate Engagement and Experience

Candidate experience seems to be on everyone’s agenda.  Companies are beginning to join the dots and understand the wider implications that an applicant’s experience can have on their brand. One American airline calculated that their rejected applicants spent over $40m a year on flights. They started to give rejected candidates $10 vouchers off their next… Read more »