How to Come Across Well During a Job Interview


Are you an HR professional who’s struggling to make a great impression at face-to-face, video and telephone job interviews? Do you need that extra ‘edge’ to seal the deal? This HR Careers Hub video is for you…

Interviewing for a new job is hard at the best of times. Throw in a HIGHLY competitive candidate market and a global pandemic that restricts meeting face to face… and pretty soon the prospect of attending that job interview can start to feel quite daunting.

We hear you.

Maximising your opportunity for success by upskillng yourself around job interview technique is crucial.

It could be the difference between landing an awesome new opportunity and jumping back on the job boards to embark on a mass-application-spree. A totally demoralising use of time.

During this 60-minute HR Careers Hub, we cover:

  • Standing out during the job interview
  • Building rapport from the outset
  • Asking great questions
  • Addressing career breaks
  • Conveying confidence when shy and naturally introverted
  • Final stage interview advice

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