3 Reasons you’re finding it so Difficult to Hire Reward Professionals

Hiring Reward ProfessionalsSo it’s that time of year again, bonuses are due to be paid and in the reward world the ‘other side’ is in reach as year end activities start to wind down, and as such many reward professionals are now toying with the idea of speaking to a recruiter and weighing up the opportunities available. So why is it that many businesses often struggle to hire good reward professionals?

1. Job boards are dead…

The trouble with attracting strong reward talent is that a simple advert, listing skill set requirements, or searching for CVs via a job board just isn’t enough and most of the right talent won’t even see the job advert in the first place. My own personal view is that it comes down to your network, if you know enough of the right people and the relationships are a two way street then someone will point you in the right direction.

2. On the shelf too long…

At Oasis HR we use data as often as we can to evidence the things we’re doing well and also to make improvements to things that aren’t working so well.

We’ve recently compared data on re-posted jobs (advertised by internal recruitment teams, posted more than once) and the findings highlight that Reward / Compensation & Benefits vacancies were re-advertised more than any other HR vertical or specialism.

The data we looked at indicated that a reward vacancy that is being advertised directly by the business for more than two months, on average, takes a further three months to be filled. I’ve seen large organisations, specifically consulting firms, hire recruiters to look after the reward hiring. However, in current market conditions if you want to connect with the right candidates and target audience, my advice would be to speak to a specialist reward recruiter from day one.

3. How many partners have you had…?

I’ve worked with many different types of clients with varying opinions on what the right recruitment process should look like… how much time is spent on a direct sourcing, whether the vacancy should be farmed out to 20 agencies to cover the market etc. Here’s my thoughts…

  • Unless you have your own reward network, seek advice from a reward recruitment specialist before commencing your direct recruitment strategy
  • If you’ve decided to use an external recruitment partner to source candidates, make sure it is a partner and not a preferred supplier list
  • Choose one partner to work with so that both parties are committed and held accountable to the right outcome; engaging with many agencies will dilute your brand and your message to the market.
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