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HRLTT – Transforming a Culture Following a Merger or Acquisition

February 28, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

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A must attend Think Tank for any strategic HR professional who wants to learn more about transforming or aligning a culture post-merger or acquisition.

Hosted by Thea Fineren, Chief People Officer at DoctorLink.

A strong internal culture can prove invaluable for a business. It can help with setting and maintaining company direction, attracting and retaining talent, and building a brand identity. Therefore a weak, negative or misaligned culture can invariably prevent a business from reaching its strategic objectives.

Businesses that have gone through a merger or acquisition will typically need to embark on a change programme to align all involved cultures. And for many businesses that have been exposed to M&A activity, the leaders will often cite cultural-misalignment as the primary reason for the alliance not going to plan.

At this HR Leadership Think Tank, hosted by DoctorLink, we will be discussing how HR can support a business, from a cultural change perspective, following a merger or acquisition.

Key items for discussion will include:

  • Helping the business understand the impact and importance of effective change management
  • Building a strong culture with a clear purpose
  • Aligning employees to a new brand / culture and integrating staff together
  • Designing an effective communications plan
  • Measuring staff engagement and culture before, during and after Change

Thea is keen to point out that she brings little expertise to the table on this subject matter, which is why she has chosen this topic specifically. She feels that DoctorLink could have done their recent acquisition a lot better from a cultural integration perspective and would be keen to learn from others and share experiences. Present at this Think Tank will be a selection of cultural change experts and senior, strategic HR professionals to debate the nuances of transforming a culture post M&A activity. 

09:00 – Arrive and networking
09:30 – Introductions
09:45 – Discussion
11:00 – Coffee and networking
11:15 – Discussion
12:15 – Key takeaways
12:30 – Finish

These Think Tanks are invitation only and held exclusively for senior HR and Resourcing professionals operating in a Head of / Director level role. For more information on the Think Tanks or to be considered for membership please telephone 0207 11 88 444 or apply for membership below


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