Five Reasons you should NEVER Work with Oasis HR


1. We’re rather one dimensional. We only specialise in the HR market as it’s what we do best, so if you’re looking for a magician, matador or mechanic, sorry we cant help (nor do we have a sister company that can).

2. We never just do what we’re told, we’re consultative – we only do what we agree with you. We say yes a lot, but we also push back. If we think you’re bonkers and looking for a snowman in the Gobi we’ll let you know.

3. Our office is not full of organic goat’s milk decaf latte makers, fridges full of Red Bull, rows and rows of telesales people re-enacting “Boiler Room” or playing CV roulette. We just love recruitment.

4. Like pistachio nuts we’re addictive, our candidates become our clients, our clients become our friends and to be honest, we end up spending far too much time together.

5. We take up an awful lot of your senior teams’ time by inviting them to attend lots of our award winning Think Tanks (not just simply by making them free) giving them access to great thought leadership and helping make them better at what they do.

If we haven’t done enough to put you off and you want someone to take a fresh approach to finding you fantastic HR professionals or help find your next role (or you just fancy putting the world to rights over an ice cream or a coffee) please get in touch.

Call the office on 0207 11 88 444 to speak to a consultant, or if you’re not sure who’s best always feel free to call me personally on 07968 817701, tweet me @jeremygthornton or email so I can point you in the right direction anytime. As the business owner, receptionist, tea maker and printer paper replenisher, I’ve experienced a lot.

P.S – my mobile ring tone is my alarm clock so please respect the boundaries.

Jeremy Thornton

Written by , Founder

Jeremy is the Co-founder of Oasis HR and Founder of the HR Think Tank Series; a networking platform he built in 2009 for senior strategic HR professionals. After graduating with a First Class Honours in 2000, Jeremy spent four years in the recruitment-to-recruitment space before establishing Oasis HR with his Business Partner Mark. Jeremy’s best known for coming up with wacky ideas for the business and challenging the status-quo amongst his well established HR and Resourcing networks. When not in the office, Jeremy can be found jet-setting to Singapore with the Think Tanks or at home with his young family.

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