How can you Convince Decision Makers to bet on Video Interviewing?

It’s a fact: video interviewing is a simple and effective way to improve the quality and speed of hiring.

The challenge for recruiters isn’t where or when to implement this technology; it’s how to persuade others that it’s a good idea to invest in it now. So, how can you produce a flawless pitch to get the green light for video interviewing?

We have listed the main points that you can use to open their eyes to video interviewing; whether they are looking to save time, improve results or reach a wider audience with the company message.

1. With video, recruiters take less than 15 minutes to analyse a candidate effectively. Recruiters spend an average of 45 minutes on telephone interviews. Because captured video interviewing involves precise questions and answers, recruiters can analyse information in a third of the original time.

2. The option to collaborate, share and review. Recruiters can engage hiring managers in the recruitment process by sharing, rating and scoring candidate shortlists.

3. It shortens the recruitment process. Video can potentially replace one of the existing steps in the recruitment process and accelerate the results seen in the first or middle selection stages.

4. It saves money. In the long term video interviewing will save money (and the cost of recruiters’ time when interviewing). It dramatically reduces the hours spent exclusively on screening and the cost of hundreds of telephone calls!

5. It improves accuracy. The cost of hiring the wrong person is astounding. Companies face the issue of wasted time recruiting the wrong person and the cost of starting the recruitment process all over again. Video interviewing allows recruiters to find the right fit and personality before the candidate even walks through the door.

6. It’s the future. Companies have to embrace video in order to keep up to speed in terms of engaging talented candidates. Their competitors will be using it to find the right talent faster, and you’ll lose out if they don’t invest.

7. It’s a good way to engage with candidates. Not only are you giving them the opportunity to stand out with more than just their CV, they can complete the interview at their convenience and will think better of the company for taking the time to engage them in an interactive interview.

8. It’s key to employer branding. Audiences are never more receptive to information and messaging than when they are asking for a job. Employers must remember that potential customers are also potential employees, and can be presented with the values and projects that the company is promoting during the recruitment process through video.

9. It makes you look cool. The multimedia element that video has to offer makes companies look forward-thinking and innovative almost by default. Even if they get rejected for the role, candidates will be left with the lasting impression that the company invests in technology from the first moment they hear about them. They will also be more likely to reapply for another role in the future.

10. It’s flexible and convenient. Employers can choose to use video interviewing at any stage of the recruitment process. Candidates are selected by the employer, and the technology that supports video can be integrated seamlessly into the current company’s ATS.

If these tips didn’t do the trick, you might have to call in the professionals. Experienced video providers, LaunchPad Recruits, offer all of the benefits listed, as well as a personalised service to help companies looking to embrace technology in their recruitment process and deliver a clear ROI.

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