Innovative Design Ideas to Create an Engaging Office Space for your Employees

Work SpaceIf you’re considering an office fitout to overhaul your workspace here are a few innovative ideas to create an engaging atmosphere. Long gone are the days of stuffy, smoke filled offices that were so common in the 50s and 60s.

Modern times call for a healthy, engaging, and happy workspace. The more comfortable and pleasant your office space, the greater the productivity.

Office lighting design

Everyone feels happier when exposed to natural daylight. If your office is small with few windows then consider installing lights with natural daylight bulbs. During the winter months, even offices with large south facing windows will benefit from a good lighting design, due to the lack of daylight.

Lighting is more than just about being able to see what you’re doing. It creates mood and atmosphere. Modern strip lights are a completely different breed compared to those in the past. You can get attractive hanging ones that are dimmable, enabling you to position them over individual desks. This gives staff the freedom to choose their preferred levels of lighting.

Rows of pendant lights hung from the ceiling above office work areas not only create a relaxing atmosphere but provide large areas of light. They look stylish with great functionality.

Bringing the outdoors inside

I’m sure you know how much better you feel after taking a walk outside during the day. Just being in a natural, green space can improve your feeling of well-being, not to mention the fresh air. This in turn can have a positive effect on productivity and workflow.

Swap cold man-made flooring for the warmth of natural wood or bamboo. Install a living wall in your office fitout. These are easy to create and have amazing benefits to both your health and the environment. A living wall can also produce an amazing aroma that your staff will love.

Plants absorb harmful toxins, purifying the air. They also release oxygen into the atmosphere. Add a few pot plants next to desks. Large tropical cheese plants or other succulents instantly transform an office from a sterile environment into a welcoming and happy one.

Depending on the amount of space you have, an indoor water feature can create a calm, tranquil atmosphere. An indoor water wall or fountain can add beauty as well as purify the air. You could even add backlighting to add to the effect.

Create a communal meeting area

Areas where staff and clients can meet for discussion is vital for any business. As part of your office outfit you could create a relaxing and welcoming cafe area.

A table with comfortable chairs and easy access to coffee and tea can make everyone feel relaxed and at home. Invest in a quality coffee machine as well as an area where snacks are available to make your meeting area feel warm and inviting.

Oval tables and bright colours add a creative touch and allow more people to sit and engage in conversation comfortably. They also feel much less formal than regular square tables.

Innovative office furniture ideas

Creating a relaxing environment to work in encourages more interaction and a greater flow of ideas. Semi-circular sofas allow for a more relaxed meeting as everyone can see and interact with each other easily.

Allowing staff to move freely and work where they feel comfortable contributes to greater productivity. This is particularly beneficial for staff who predominantly on portable devices such as laptops and tablets.

The need to sit at a fixed place whilst at work has become outdated since the introduction Wi-Fi technology. You may want your staff on site but there is no reason to stop them from moving around freely.

Office phone booths are becoming a modern trend. They work well in large open plan areas, so if you have a large office this is something you may want to consider. It allows staff to make calls in privacy without the distraction of office noise.

Secluded areas

Giving staff the option of working somewhere quiet will improve their performance. Some people work better in privacy, and this gives your team the option of socialising with others or being on their own.

Office pods are an innovative way to create a secluded area for meetings or training. They’re like a mini room within the office. They can also be used as places for employees to go if they are just in need of a short break to rest their mind or to rejuvenate themselves.

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