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Key Info

  • Location: London

Roles we're hiring for

  • Principal HR Recruitment Partner – London
  • HR Recruitment – Practice Lead – London
  • HR Recruitment Manager / Team Leader
  • Part-time Senior Recruitment Partner – London

If you would like to discuss please get in contact by or calling us on 0207 11 88 444

Our philosophy and approach

Over the last few years, the recruitment market has changed at an unprecedented rate. So have we. We’ve adapted our services, methodology and culture to put an amazing candidate and client experience central to everything we do. Please have a look at our Google reviews. You can see first hand how our candidates and clients describe working with us.

We’re confident this approach is working as at the time of writing, our Candidate satisfaction is 9.8/10 and Client satisfaction is 9.6/10 (and yes we survey everyone we shortlist or work with) and currently get 90% of our business phoned into us.

We’ve only been able to achieve this due to our amazing people. From our leadership team through to our social media apprentice everyone plays a critical part in contributing to this success.

What we offer

True flexi working. We have no set hours or location. Only you know when and how you work at your very best. We want to encourage this, We’re looking for successful individuals, not battery hens.

Set your own objectives. Everyone sets their own weekly objectives and then we support and help everyone to achieve them. If we wanted someone to make 100 calls a day we’d get an automated chatbot!

Choose your customers. 50% plus of our roles are exclusive or retained. We work with clients who agree to work “our way”. We happily turn away the wrong type of business. If you’ve never fired a “pain in the backside” client you should try it. It’s refreshing.

We found that if we meet the hiring manager we fill 82% of roles, without that direct contact it’s 26% so why waste everyone’s time?

We think feeding a portal is as about as effective as reading tea leaves to match the right candidate to a client. So why bother? We do however drink a lot of tea so have an ample supply of leaves if that approach happens to work for you!

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Culture comes first

So many companies claim that their culture is core, for us it actually is. When we asked the team to describe our culture this is what they had to say:

Sarah – “You can’t have a bad day when you work for Oasis, if something doesn’t work out it is simply a small bump in the road and you have the support around you to find a solution. Not many people can say they have that support, nor can they say they look forward to Monday and given the option would rather work in the office than home. . .”

Catherine – “The Oasis culture is flexible and evolving but what remains constant is that the individuals making up the collective are respectful and supportive, fully embracing each one’s uniqueness. The team is driven by our four values that we live, breathe and celebrate. Our environment is non-prescriptive and we are encouraged to ‘win in the right way’ but in the way that works for us as individuals.”

Marc – “I’ve always felt that recruitment companies needed to trust their consultants more in order to maximise their results. If they didn’t trust their consultants, why hire them? It was this culture that attracted me to Oasis the most. If you’re self-motivated, along with the network and tools available at Oasis, then you’re trusted to build your success in your own unique way. In creating a culture of trust along with support, the environment is set up well for consultants to thrive.”

If you’d like to chat with Sarah, Catherine or Marc to hear from them first hand to learn more about what it is like to work at Oasis HR please get in touch.

You’ll get the recognition you deserve 

We recognise and reward the team for more than just billing. We take great pride in our amazing customer service and regularly ask our customers for feedback on how we’re doing. Every candidate that you submit to a role has the chance to give you feedback, and for every 9 or 10 out of 10 you’re awarded, we’ll give you a £10 voucher in our Monday morning sales meeting – uncapped!

We also have internal acolades to recognise great work. Here’s a link to our 2017 awards!

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We’ll give you the latest marketing tools and support to succeed 

  • You’ll have a full recruiter license
  • You’ll have access to our LinkedIn job slots
  • You’ll have credits for the top job boards to post your adverts
  • We utilise the latest marketing technology, including email campaign and talent pooling tools that you’ll have access to and marketing support using

Your work will be varied

Lets face it, agency recruitment can be quite repetitive.

At Oasis, we’ll offer you variety in a few ways:

  • We aren’t a massive business, which means you won’t be siloed into a specific industry or vertical. You’re welcome to specialise but the decision isn’t forced on you – you can work a variety of roles and industries.
  • You can approach recruiting with out-the-box thinking. You’ll have a LinkedIn license, access to our database, job boards, our networking events (including the option to run your own events), email marketing and talent pool tools, blogs or whatever else you can come up with!
  • We massively encourage our team to be out the office and meeting candidates and clients or at our events. You won’t be spending every day just hammering the phone.
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You can wear dress down 

You don’t need to wear suits or smart dress with us. It goes with our coffee-shop style office and informal environment!

You’ll have access to a database of candidates 

We’ve been recruiting since 2004 and have a well established database of contacts. Along with our network of senior HR professionals in the Think Tanks you’ll find plenty of warm leads for both sourcing and business development in our database. We’ve also got a highly sophisicated Salesforce ATS and marketing CRM that you’ll have full access too.