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  • Location: London
  • Size: 14

Roles we're hiring for

  • Principal HR Recruitment Partner – London
  • HR Recruitment – Practice Lead – London
  • HR Recruitment Manager / Team Leader
  • Part-time Senior Recruitment Partner – London

If you would like to discuss please get in contact by or calling us on 0207 11 88 444

About Oasis HR

We specialise in mid-senior level HR recruitment across all industries.

We started recruiting in 2004 and since then have broadened what we offer our clients to include our Resourcing Benchmarking software, talent solutions, thought leadership Think Tanks (with over 3000 active members from companies like Apple, Microsoft, American Express, Ebay, Expedia) and access to a broad range of products and services through our partner network.

We work with leading brands such as Facebook, Vodafone and Amazon as well as numerous fast growth SMEs. Through our reputation, unique approach and 3 service offerings we are able to afford experienced HR & Recruiting professionals a great list of repeat business, key accounts, multiple assignments and key contacts for you to engage and partner with.

We’ll give you a key to open the door with future clients effortlessly. No more cold calling. 

In 2009 we created the HR Think Tank series. Now we run over 30 events a year with 15-20 senior HR leaders sitting around a table discussing the most important current topics and challenges. We have over 3000 active attendees from businesses including Apple, Microsoft, Ebay, Expedia, Telefonica, American Express and Bloomberg.

You’re welcome to create, attend and promote any of our events with full support from our marketing team. It’s a pretty powerful tool for opening the door with decision makers in any business. Think about the differentiator it provides being able to offer upfront value to the people you’re hoping to build a relationship with, in addition to your recruitment prowess…

Our commission structure 

We’re a transparent business, so here’s what you can expect to earn. We pay commission quarterly. Commission is based on candidate start date not when the client pays, you’ll always know how much to expect and when you’ll be paid so you can plan ahead financially.

Billed quarterly
Quarterly commission (exclusive of base salary)
£40,000 £5,500
£50,000 £8,000
£60,000 £11,500
£70,000 £15,000
£80,000 £19,500
£90,000 £24,000
£100,000 £28,500

**(Based on an annual salary of £40k, for illustrative purpose only)

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We have a mature working environment

We have a mature working environment. In fact, we’d probably be the first people to say that if you’re looking for a graduate-heavy, metric-driven and booze-fuelled team, we’re not it (although we certainly do enjoy socialising with each other!).

We hire people who can work autonomously and give them the flexibility and support to be successful. We don’t have KPI’s and we trust you with complete flexibility around where you work from and what hours you work.

You’ll get the recognition you deserve 

We recognise and reward the team for more than just billing. We take great pride in our amazing customer service and regularly ask our customers for feedback on how we’re doing. Every candidate that you submit to a role has the chance to give you feedback, and for every 9 or 10 out of 10 you’re awarded, we’ll give you a £10 voucher in our Monday morning sales meeting – uncapped!

We also have internal acolades to recognise great work. Here’s a link to our 2017 awards!

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Work life balance & flexible working

We realise that a work-life balance is incredibly important, a lot of us have families or other commitments and that’s why we fully believe in the power of flexible working. Ultimately, giving our team the autonomy to perform to their highest standard is a key factor in our continued success.

We have a totally flexible working environment . The team is free to move around the office and not tied to a desktop computer – we all have our own individual laptops, but have access to desktops should we like to use the big screens. We all choose when and where to work based on our own commitments and how we like to work, be that working from home, or in a cosy coffee shop. Our informal environment makes for a really positive office where the team truly enjoy spending their time.