Oasis Benchmarking

What’s it all about?

Oasis Benchmarking is a cloud based tool that allows companies to gain a greater understanding of their resourcing effectiveness and benchmark their performance against other businesses. Using a wide variety of key recruitment metrics, this unique online product provides users with bespoke performance dashboards offering a visual insight into their Talent Acquisition function on a secure, confidential and fully audited platform.

Our mission

Oasis Benchmarking aims to introduce transparency to the Talent Acquisition market. This will be achieved by developing a set of benchmarks that are adopted industry wide, allowing Talent Acquisition functions to more clearly understand their performance to achieve maximum return on investment.

What we do

Oasis Benchmarking analyses over 100 easily obtainable data points across a business’s Talent Acquisition function.  Then from a choice from over 300 different benchmarks a bespoke performance dashboard is created; providing the data output in a clearly communicated visual format.

How we can help you

Oasis Benchmarking enables you to scrutinise your function’s structure, resource levels, route to market, supplier base and overall key performance indicators against the system’s aggregated data modules; giving you enhanced insight and allowing you to alter strategies and behaviours to make the resourcing function more impactful. From organisations making 100 up to over 100,000 hires per year the system adds a new lens to the senior leadership’s capability.

How will it benefit my business?

We strongly believe that data is key to making informed decisions and increasing the influence of the Resourcing and HR department. And, unlike other data aggregators or comparison technologies, the system allows companies to access comparison data at any point in their annual cycle; with data never being more than 12 months old.

The list below shows just a few examples of how the Oasis Benchmarking dashboards could be used by your Resourcing or HR function:

  • Defining or identifying process leakage
  • Identifying process efficiencies
  • Resource planning
  • Budget allocation and planning
  • Demonstrating business value
  • Increasing department influence
  • Measuring quality of hire.

How does it work?

In order to ensure that the data within the system is valuable and comparable, Oasis Benchmarking works against a set of pre-defined criteria and protocols. The data held in the systems is averaged and anonomised, ensuring that while everyone in the community has access to the benchmarked data, the only people that can see your actual data is you and your Oasis Benchmarking Consultant.

What’s included in the service?

In addition to accessing your online recruitment dashboards, the wider service includes full data analysis, validation, strategic and operational recommendations. These services are conducted by highly experienced industry professionals who have held leadership positions within in-house resourcing functions.

To ensure maximum return on investment, users will be invited to join dedicated Think Tank discussion groups. This will enable members to share thoughts and ideas with other users, as well as discuss the success and challenges their functions are facing. This is done in a safe environment with like-minded individuals. The Think Tanks are designed to create a close knit value adding community to support users.

Will my data be secure?

Oasis Benchmarking has been built on the Salesforce platform, the worlds largest CRM. Salesforce is a cloud based customer relationship management solution used by companies such as Cisco and Dell. Data security is particularly important to us, so Salesforce ensures that our members’ data is protected with physical security, data encryption, user authentication and application security. The system will ensure that the only actual data that you can view is your own.

A detailed data security document is available on request.

What data is required?

Oasis Benchmarking has been designed as an easily adoptable service that does not require any specialist data analytics or integration with existing systems. All the required data points have been chosen as easily obtainable fields from an organisation’s Talent Acquisition or Finance function. The whole data identification collection process is clearly documented and project managed to ensure it is as inclusive as possible no matter how embryonic a Talent Acquisition might be.

What’s involved in getting started?

If you’re interested in exploring how Oasis Benchmarking can add value to your business, we’d love to set up an introductory meeting to illustrate the full capability of the platform. One of our Consultants will be able to provide a full systems demonstration, answer your questions, discuss pricing points and share details of the data points we will need.

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