The Oasis of Recruitment – 5 Reasons I LOVE my Job

Love Oasis HRI’ve been putting off writing this blog for awhile now. Not because I don’t enjoy writing, or that I don’t believe in what I’m writing about. I do. However, I was worried that the words I jotted down would come across cheesy, overly promotional and a bit too ‘gushy’…

The reason I’m writing this blog is to talk about something I’m passionate about – the company I work for. Not just because I’m responsible for the business’s marketing and PR (honest…), or because I’ve been told to (pinky promise…), but because I don’t tell Mark and Jeremy (the company Founders) what an awesome business they’ve built enough.

So after over five years spent with Oasis HR, I wanted to share the five main reasons I LOVE my job:

1. The support I was given after I had my daughter

When I had my daughter in 2015 I was open-minded about the inevitable impact on my career. Would I still feel the same zest for work as I once had? Would I return to work at all? How would I balance working in London with having a baby at home? I had lots of questions racing around my head.

When Mark, Jeremy and I discussed my potential return I was overwhelmed by their support and generosity during what was a pretty emotional time! Being given the opportunity to build my days up gradually, to have flexibility on my working location (home vs. the office) and to not be constrained by traditional ‘working hours’, has all contributed to such a positive work / life balance.

2. The career progression

After coming on board as a Marketing Exec in 2012, it’s been so rewarding to continually broaden out my role, increase my responsibility, and most recently to be promoted into a Director position. To be offered the opportunity to sit on the company Board whilst maintaining my part-time working hours and ‘mum status’ is incredibly empowering.

3. The mature approach that’s taken with flexible / smart working

This section doesn’t need much elaboration. We have no working hours, just personally agreed objectives. A mature approach is taken to where and when you work with emphasis placed on your own productivity. It’s pretty awesome.

Oasis HR Company Culture4. The cool office environment (I was allowed to create a gel nail bar!)

Our office is very cool – credit to Jeremy for that. Between the coffee shop-style working space, Chesterfield lounge area, dart board, play station and remote control cars it’s a pretty fun place to be. However, what I LOVE (and what was probably the final push I needed to write this blog) is the fact that I’ve been allowed to create a gel nail bar in the office! How many people can say they’re able to man their inbox whilst having one hand under a UV lamp?!

5. The genuine team spirit

Company cultures aren’t born by accident, at least good ones aren’t. The camaraderie, atmosphere and friendships are absolutely what makes going into the office (on the days I’m not working in my PJs!) so worthwhile.

So there you have it, the main reasons I love my job and why in my opinion, Oasis HR, truly is the Oasis of recruitment.

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Katie Barr

Written by , Communications Director

Katie joined the Oasis HR Group in January 2012 as a Marketing and Events Executive following a stint as a freelance PR consultant. Over the years she's helped grow the organisation's brand and has had responsibility for the business's PR, marketing, social media, events and SEO strategy. She now sits at Board level as the Group's Communications Director whereby she's responsible for Oasis HR, Resourcing Insight and the HR Think Tank Series' brands.

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