Coffee with… Paul Dempsey, Global Talent & Development Director @ King ☕

Paul Dempsey Talent Director @ KingFor busy HR professionals working in fast-paced environments; a combination of clearly defined objectives, role-modelling the types of behaviours you want of your team and leaning on some clever tech-hacks can really enhance your effectiveness in an HR role.

We caught up with Paul Dempsey, Global Talent & Development Director @ King (the creators of Candy Crush for those not in the know!) to uncover his greatest HR and talent achievements at the hugely innovative Gaming business and how he sets himself up for success.

1. What does it feel like to work at King?

“It’s a fast-paced environment and working there feels incredibly energising. Everyday presents new opportunities and the freedom you have to deliver innovative solutions is almost unbelievable!”

2. What do you do to enjoy a positive work / life balance?

“I begin my week by planning my 5 big goals that I need to achieve – it gives me clarity and a sense of measurement amongst the madness. I’m also a firm believer in controlling the use of email outside of work hours. – I think it’s incredibly important to consider behaviours (such as emails or calling a colleague at 8pm) – behaviour breeds behaviour.”

3. What’s your greatest HR or ‘Talent’ related success to date in your role at King?

“It would be our team getting the top 50 leaders in the business behind our Performance Enablement transformation plan (moving away from HR led performance management to delivering best in class tools processes and learning to enable employees to own performance management).”

4. What’s the first thing you do in the morning to set your day up for success?

“I head straight to my Nespresso machine. A double espresso (with a shot of caramel) sets me up for the day (As a type one diabetic I probably shouldn’t admit this).”

5. What books or articles have you read recently that have inspired you?

“My daily reading always consists of a dive into LinkedIn for new articles (usually HBR/LPI/People management). I’d also really recommend the Dan Pink book ‘When’.”

6. Favourite technology hack you’d recommend to your peers?

Mentimeter. When you need to canvas opinion quickly across global teams this tool is amazing. It’s also great at events to capture data and represent it in a visually appealing way in the moment.”


If you want to hear more from Paul Dempsey and get under the skin of how things are done at King, then join us on 11th October at King’s London offices to discuss ‘Succession Planning: Combining Internal and External Talent into a Single Pipeline‘.

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