Six Top Tips for asking Questions during Job Interviews

Asking Questions in InterviewsSo the day has arrived. You’ve made it through the application process and landed yourself that dream interview, done all your research and thought about all the questions you could be asked and the responses you’d give. The one thing that is still hanging over you is the last 10 minutes of your interview and the final question… “have you got any questions”?!

This is often where candidates hit a wall when in fact it is an invaluable opportunity to get a real feel for the role and organisation.The common concerns we hear at Oasis HR include; Are you meant to say yes? Does it come across like you haven’t done your research if you do ask? What questions are interviewers looking for? How many should I ask? Should I write these down or think of them as we go through? It’s a minefield to say the least! Hopefully this guide will help to smooth out that crucial closing part to your interview and get you the answers you need to make an informed decision should that offer come your way (fingers crossed).

1. Firstly, asking questions is most definitely a plus! It shows you’re interested, have insight and aren’t afraid to be bold and speak up.

2. Stop and Think though – Don’t ask questions you should know the answer to already (who does this role report to?), personal basics (what are the working hours, what is the lunch etiquette, can I wear jeans/suit/flip flops?!) or anything too controversial! If you need more insight around these then check in with your recruiter before your interview and save that valuable time

3. Break it down into role and culture:

  • Role suggestions: What do you feel would be a successful 6-12 months in this role? How does this tie into the HR and wider business strategy? What do you foresee as the key challenges? What progression opportunities will there be down the line?
  • Culture suggestions: Why did you join this organisation? What is the day to day culture of the organisation? How are the values being filtered down from the top?

4. Jot down 2 or 3 key points you’d really like to understand more around. We’ve all been there with the dreaded mind blank after 45 minutes of intense conversation so it really helps to have a point of reference

5. Be brave and finally ask the interviewer if they have any further questions or areas of concern. It shows you’re open, honest and not afraid of some constructive criticism!

6. The real crux of asking questions is to reimagine the entire interview. It should be a two way process between interviewer and interviewee to mutually establish if there’s a fit so the best interviews are often a flowing conversation where questions are asked from both sides continually. This is one to aim for…!

If done in a friendly, interested way, asking insightful questions can be the difference between an A* interview and a B+ so ask away!

Franki Crosse

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Franki joined Oasis HR in January 2014 having graduated from Durham University in Geography & Politics. Following two promotions Franki is now a Senior Consultant on the permanent team with a focus on Generalist roles (HR Business Partners, Heads of HR, HR Directors). Prior to her London move Franki made the most of her 'gap 6-months' competing at British Dressage, travelling South East Asia and qualifying as a leader for the Ski Club of Great Britain. In her spare time she tries to juggle these things whilst making the most of what London has to offer!

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