Standing Out In a Competitive Candidate Market

Stand out when job hunting
Looking for a job in today’s climate is tough. If you’re currently out of work or between assignments, you’re probably feeling…
  • Disheartened by the lack of opportunities out there,
  • Intimidated by the volume of applications each job is receiving,
  • Disappointed not to hear back from the roles you are applying for,
  • Disillusioned by overly positive appraisals of the market that don’t ring true for you,
  • Fearful of how you’re going to stand-out above the competition,
  • And just generally anxious about when things will return to ‘normal’.

Standing out in this competitive candidate market is crucial for securing your next job. We teamed up with Job Search Coach, Russell Ayles (Both Sides of the Desk), to understand what candidates can do to raise their profiles, build their personal brands, and get noticed by recruiters/employers.

What did we cover?

In this 60 minute HR Careers Hub we cover off the following… use the time prompts below to skip to the sections of most interest:

  • Market Overview – 00:09:50
  • CV tips – 00:13:27
  • Cover letter advice – 00:25:12
  • Optimising your LinkedIn profile – 00:31.38
  • Job search Q&A00:46.59

Watch the recording…

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