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Standing Out In a Competitive Candidate Market

Looking for a job in today’s climate is tough. If you’re currently out of work or between assignments, you’re probably feeling… Disheartened by the lack of opportunities out there, Intimidated by the volume of applications each job is receiving, Disappointed not to hear back from the roles you are applying for, Disillusioned by overly positive… Read more »

9 Facts You NEED To Know About Upskilling Tech Talent

Did you know that one of every four of your employees is looking for a job? That means tomorrow, a quarter of your company could be quitting… As technology innovations accelerate and advance business processes, many senior business leaders are finding that recruitment for sought after talent is taking longer – by an average of… Read more »

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Structuring Your Sourcing Team

Structuring your sourcing team in the most effective way has never been more important than in today’s candidate-driven market, where recruitment has turned into a sport of ‘who can win the best talent, the quickest’. And whilst speed and quality are obviously clear drivers, resourcing teams continue to be pushed to make these top-quality hires… Read more »

8 Tips for Developing Employee Career Paths

Talent management is an integral element of HR’s core responsibility from a development, retention, engagement and a skills depository perspective. Developing internal career paths is an important component of this talent management mix and can influence whether an employee meets business’ expectations, underperforms to the detriment of the individual and employer, or leaves the business… Read more »

How can I make Succession Planning Effective for my Business?

As organisations mature and grow, a critical component of future-proofing their success is to ensure that ‘ready now’ successors (or as close to ‘ready now’ as possible!) have been identified for business-critical roles. So how can we make succession planning effective in our businesses? We put the question to our esteemed HR community, the HR… Read more »

R&MTT – Incentivising and Retaining the Millennial Workforce

The millennial workforce is plagued by stereotypes – they’re referred to as lazy, having a false sense of entitlement, accused of not working hard enough, considered to demand promotions too readily, and the big one; they’re tarred with the brush of being disloyal. Whilst we’re not suggesting we support these stereotypes, there is significant evidence… Read more »

HRLTT – The Apprenticeship Levy: 6 Months On

In April 2017, an Apprenticeship Levy was introduced, which required organisations with an annual ‘pay bill’ of over £3M to invest in apprenticeship programmes. The levy’s core objectives were to develop vocational skills amongst UK’s workforce and to increase the quantity and quality of apprenticeships. For many businesses, offering apprenticeship programmes was unchartered territory and… Read more »

DTT – Developing a Career Returner Programme

Powerful Brands are Created through Powerful Employees In today’s working world, there are no set rules for how careers develop and evolve over time. Employers recognise that a powerful brand is created through powerful employees. This means not only allowing, but encouraging staff to use their benefits, leave, and PTO time. Acknowledging the various career… Read more »

Everything you need to know about the Apprenticeship Levy

Following a recent Resourcing Think Tank titled ‘Responding to the Apprenticeship Levy’, we wanted to provide a simple resource to answer all your questions around what the Levy actually means. Kate Temple-Brown, Apprenticeship Levy consultant and enthusiast, addresses the key headlines of the Levy below: Apprenticeship Levy – the background From April 2017 a new tax is being… Read more »

RTT – I know you’re not… but is the Government ready for the Apprenticeship Levy?

In spring this year the way the government funds apprenticeships will be changing. From 6th April we will see the introduction of an Apprenticeship Levy that requires UK organisations with a ‘pay bill’ of over £3m a year to invest in apprenticeship schemes.   For many businesses, offering apprenticeship schemes is new territory and will require… Read more »

R&MTT – International Assignments: How to Strategically Align Business Needs and Add Value to the Individual

international clocks

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Reward and Mobility Think Tank (R&MTT) held on Thursday 20th November 2014, hosted by Crown Worldwide Group’s Eileen Girling (HR Director UK, Ireland & Northern Europe) titled ‘International Assignments: How to Strategically Align Business Needs and Add Value to the Individual’. The following summary has been… Read more »

Counter-Offers: Three Reasons you Shouldn’t Accept One

Counter Offer pic

The term ‘counter-offer’ is being used more and more frequently in today’s recruitment climate, but when feelings of flattery are set to one side, what’s the reality of actually accepting one? This summer, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation confirmed that the UK officially entered a candidate driven market; evidenced by a rise in empty roles… Read more »

Thinking about using an Executive Coach to further your career?

Morag Barrett Headshot

Athletes train with coaches their entire career to achieve outstanding performance. Why wouldn’t you? Choosing the right executive coach for you is important.  There are many people who offer coaching services; some have completed formal training, while others offer specific business experience.  Whoever you choose to work with it is important that you feel comfortable… Read more »

RTT – Tactical Resourcing: Up-skilling Internal Recruiters to Think Long-term

Resourcing Think Tank logo

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Resourcing Think Tank (RTT) held on Thursday 11th July 2013 hosted by Foxtons’ Fran Giltinan (Director Recruitment, Training and Corporate Services) , titled ‘Tactical Resourcing: Up-skilling Internal Recruiters to Think Long-term’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion held amongst… Read more »

Could you make it as an Interim?

Amber Holdsworth

5 key qualities that high impact interims demonstrate With interim roles on the increase, more candidates are considering taking the day rate route. The gains of working through your own limited company coupled with the flexibility and variety appeal to many. However, the best interim candidates are a different breed from a good perm or… Read more »

TTT – Career Paths: Building, Implementing and Embedding

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Talent Think Tank (TTT) held on Thursday 14th March 2013 hosted by Colt’s Aneta Jajkowska (HR Director), titled ‘Career Paths: Building, Implementing and Embedding’. The following summary, prepared by our TTT partner the Chemistry Group, reflects a segment of the discussion held amongst senior HR and… Read more »

TTT – Satisfying the Demands of Talent when Progression Opportunities don’t Exist

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Talent Think Tank (TTT) held on Wednesday 6th March 2013 hosted by Centrica’s Ruth Bastian (Head of People Development and Talent), titled ‘Satisfying the Demands of Talent when Opportunities to Progress don’t Exist’ . The following summary, prepared by our TTT partner the Chemistry group, reflects… Read more »