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Staff Turnover Statistics That Every Employer Should Know About

A ‘quick-reference’ staff turnover guide for HR and Recruitment professionals to help understand why employees quit their jobs and what can be done to counter it. Employees quit their jobs for different reasons. However, it’s never a good sign for a business when it experiences a high staff turnover rate. More often than not, the… Read more »

How can I make Succession Planning Effective for my Business?

As organisations mature and grow, a critical component of future-proofing their success is to ensure that ‘ready now’ successors (or as close to ‘ready now’ as possible!) have been identified for business-critical roles. So how can we make succession planning effective in our businesses? We put the question to our esteemed HR community, the HR… Read more »

DTT – Taking Managers on the Diversity and Inclusion Journey

Developing an internal culture that enhances and promotes diversity and inclusion is paramount. Not just from the obvious moral perspective, but from the standpoint of continuing to develop an organisation’s products and services through a diverse and an engaged workforce. As such, many businesses now find themselves responding to often ambitious diversity targets around gender,… Read more »

R&MTT – Incentivising and Retaining the Millennial Workforce

The millennial workforce is plagued by stereotypes – they’re referred to as lazy, having a false sense of entitlement, accused of not working hard enough, considered to demand promotions too readily, and the big one; they’re tarred with the brush of being disloyal. Whilst we’re not suggesting we support these stereotypes, there is significant evidence… Read more »

HRLTT – Managing the Challenges of Implementing a Global HR Approach across Diverse Territories

For businesses operating across multiple territories, rolling out HR processes or programmes on a global scale can present a number of challenges. This will typically involve juggling the nuances of varying employment law and of course the cultural differences of those affected. Given both the legal and people implications of delivering an inconsistent approach, this… Read more »

HRLTT – Engaging Staff beyond Remuneration: How ‘Purpose’ becomes Central to your EVP

As a follow on from our previous HR Leadership Think Tank (HRLTT) on ‘What is the Purpose of HR?’, this post delves into the topic of Engagement. More specifically we explore the role of a purpose-led culture and EVP in attracting talent and creating engagement, whilst also establishing any wider benefits to an organisation’s health and prosperity. These are… Read more »

TTT – Creating a Great Employee Experience by Borrowing from the Customer Model

bad service

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Talent Think Tank (TTT) held on Thursday 12th March 2015 hosted by TalkTalk’s Gemma Jones (Global Talent Lead) titled ‘Creating a Great Employee Experience by Borrowing from the Customer Model’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion held amongst senior… Read more »

ER&ETT – Meeting Long-term Commercial Goals through an Innovative Approach to Defining Vision and Values

vision and values

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Employee Relations & Engagement Think Tank (ERTT) held on Thursday 5th February 2015 hosted by Thames Water’s Tanya O’Doherty (Employee Relations and Engagement Manager) titled ‘Meeting Long-term Commercial Goals through an Innovative Approach to Defining Vision and Values’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect… Read more »

The HR Think Tank Series Expands to Incorporate Employee Engagement and HR Leadership

ERTT HRBPTT Rebrand Featured Image

The HR Think Tank Series is excited to announce it’s rebranding and expanding two of six sub-groups within its community offering. The former Employee Relations Think Tank will become the ER and Engagement Think Tank and the HR Business Partner Think Tank will become the HR Leadership Think Tank. The primary reason for the change… Read more »

The Contributing Factors behind Employee Engagement


Employee engagement can be difficult to define or describe and people have different views and opinions. If I had to use one word to define employee engagement it would be “CARING”. Caring about performance and results, about company goals and objectives, about clients, about colleagues and caring about the success of the business. Engagement is “A… Read more »

Oasis HR’s Employee Engagement Strategy Scoops Top Prize at the first EE Awards

Wednesday night’s inaugural Employee Engagement (EE) Awards (28th Jan) saw Oasis HR take first prize for their ‘Three-Pronged’ employee engagement strategy and it’s impact on sales performance, staff retention and overall workforce engagement levels. The London based ceremony, hosted by George Lamb, celebrated industry ‘game changers’ and brought together a selection of SMEs and blue-chip organisations… Read more »

ERTT – Employee Engagement Forums: Adding Value in Unionised and Non-Unionised Businesses

engaged workplace

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Employee Relations Think Tank (ERTT) held on Thursday 16th September 2014 hosted by Lloyds Banking Group’s, Sean Harris (Head of ER – Group Employee Relations – Commercial Banking and Consumer Finance) and Sue Dryden (Manager – Group Employee Relations) titled ‘Employee Engagement Forums: Adding Value in… Read more »