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6 Tips for Hiring Generation Z Candidates

In five year’s time ‘Generation Z‘ (those born between 1990-1999) will represent over 20% of our workforce and, just like millennials, are entering our employment landscape with fresh ideals and drivers. Speaking generally, this generation is likely to be: highly ambitious; passionate about cause and purpose; will seek clear career direction and development; and will… Read more »

R&MTT – Incentivising and Retaining the Millennial Workforce

The millennial workforce is plagued by stereotypes – they’re referred to as lazy, having a false sense of entitlement, accused of not working hard enough, considered to demand promotions too readily, and the big one; they’re tarred with the brush of being disloyal. Whilst we’re not suggesting we support these stereotypes, there is significant evidence… Read more »

Everything you need to know about the Apprenticeship Levy

Following a recent Resourcing Think Tank titled ‘Responding to the Apprenticeship Levy’, we wanted to provide a simple resource to answer all your questions around what the Levy actually means. Kate Temple-Brown, Apprenticeship Levy consultant and enthusiast, addresses the key headlines of the Levy below: Apprenticeship Levy – the background From April 2017 a new tax is being… Read more »

RTT – I know you’re not… but is the Government ready for the Apprenticeship Levy?

In spring this year the way the government funds apprenticeships will be changing. From 6th April we will see the introduction of an Apprenticeship Levy that requires UK organisations with a ‘pay bill’ of over £3m a year to invest in apprenticeship schemes.   For many businesses, offering apprenticeship schemes is new territory and will require… Read more »

RTT – Managing a Large Pool of Contractors

The growth of the contractor market has played an incredibly significant role in shaping the UK’s economy over the last 12 months. And for some industries, notably IT and construction, the demand for skilled contractors is showing no signs of slowing. More people than ever are seeking opportunities that provide greater flexibility than a traditional 9-5 ‘job for… Read more »

School is in Session: 5 Lessons on Better Graduate Engagement


When it comes to successful graduate recruitment, engagement is everything. Tomorrow’s talent wants to connect with real people, experience the authenticity of a brand, and delve into company culture — all before they even consider applying. But what is the best way to facilitate that? Graduate recruitment remains one of the most cost-effective ways to make… Read more »

TTT – Successful Graduate Talent Development and Engagement

Graduate Image

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Talent Think Tank (TTT) held on Thursday 19th June 2014 hosted by UK Power Network’s Lisa Booth (Talent & Leadership Manager) and Louise Mitchell (Graduate Programmes Consultant) titled ‘Successful Graduate Talent Development and Engagement’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the… Read more »

RTT – How to Avoid Damaging your Employer Brand

It’s commonly acknowledged that it can take 20 years to build a reputation and only five minutes to destroy it. Developing an attractive employer brand is no different and it is ultimately Resourcing / Recruitment’s responsibly to ensure this reputation is upheld and strengthened. The HR Think Tank Series, a networking platform founded by Oasis… Read more »

Students Take Career Planning More Seriously as University Fees Increase

Based on the introduction of higher university fees, the HR Think Tank Series (HRTTS) highlights that students are taking career planning more seriously and becoming more vigilant when sourcing work experience and job opportunities. Employers suggest that failing to engage with undergraduates during their first year of university will prove detrimental to graduate sourcing plans,… Read more »

RTT – Effectively Attracting Graduate Talent

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Resourcing Think Tank (RTT) held on Tuesday 4th December 2012 hosted by Clifford Chances’ Abbas Jaffer (Head of Resourcing), titled ‘Identifying the Right Time to Attract Undergraduate Talent’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion held amongst senior HR and Resourcing professionals… Read more »