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RTT – The Real Impact of Video Interviewing

video interviewing

These are the thoughts and takeaways from the latest Resourcing Think Tank (RTT) held on Thursday 19th March 2015 hosted by Clifford Chance’s Sarah Langton (Head of Resourcing) titled ‘The Real Impact of Video Interviewing’. The following summary has been prepared to reflect a segment of the discussion held amongst senior HR and Resourcing professionals… Read more »

The 10 Best Ways to Research an Employer Prior to a Job Interview

Katie Barr

So you’ve been requested to attend an interview… what next? Conducting thorough pre-interview research is absolutely one of the best ways that you can stand out in a competitive market. By following some (or ideally all!) of the suggestions outlined below you will find yourself able to present the most positive and well-prepared account of… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Interview Mediums: Telephone, Video & Face-to-Face

Hannah Waters

Having worked in recruitment for a number of years now, I’ve seen all kinds of interview feedback from the brilliant to the downright amusing (a particularly memorable one is a video interview where the interviewer could just see the candidate’s forehead…) I therefore wanted to share my thoughts and tips on the most common types… Read more »

Six Quick Ways to Improve your Interview Style

Robert Holdstock

‘Who here has had formal training on how to interview?’  A simple question, but one that left an entire group of recruitment professionals sat in silence with arms awkwardly pinned by their sides. In actual fact, only a small percentage of all those who interview as part of their job have ever had any form… Read more »