How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Are you being overlooked for job opportunities? Well, maybe your LinkedIn profile is letting you down… It’s time to get discovered. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with others and brand yourself. Yet, many professionals including those working in HR, don’t know how to use it to their advantage. Simply publishing… Read more »

Standing Out In a Competitive Candidate Market

Looking for a job in today’s climate is tough. If you’re currently out of work or between assignments, you’re probably feeling… Disheartened by the lack of opportunities out there, Intimidated by the volume of applications each job is receiving, Disappointed not to hear back from the roles you are applying for, Disillusioned by overly positive… Read more »

Returning to Work: Supporting Employees Against The Dreaded Commute

The daily commute has always been met with distaste by workers. And whilst COVID is responsible for depriving the world of many experiences, pleasures and basic activities, the commuting-slog is arguably not one we’ve been missing. However, many businesses are now preparing phased ‘return to work’ plans which will, of course, see the resurrection of… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Performance Management is Not an HR Exercise but a Critical Business Process

The traditional paradigm around performance management, for most of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st, has been of an annual or semi-annual process driven by HR. This has largely involved a cursory check-list driven discussion centering primarily around compensation. Whilst it was arguably not even fit for purpose during the industrial… Read more »

How to Support and Nurture the Wellbeing of a Remote Workforce

In 2019, only 30 percent of the UK workforce had worked from home, according to statistics from the Office of National Statistics. Fast forward to the current day, millions of UK workers are now working from home due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, businesses across the country have had to adapt their employee policies to support a remote workforce, including updating their employee wellness policies to protect and keep… Read more »

10 Things Employers Need to Know When Preparing for IR35

From 6 April 2020, most private sector companies that engage limited company contractors, whether directly or via an agency, become responsible for determining the tax status (known as ‘IR35’) of those assignments. Preparing for IR35 is a major exercise for businesses with large numbers of contractors and therefore, careful planning is essential for mitigating the… Read more »

Self-Promotion: Why it’s important and how to do it well

As a coach for women, I have come to learn that no matter what age, stage or background, we all face common challenges and one that features highly is self-promotion. During the lead up to International Women’s Day, I pondered why this skill (yes, it is a skill) was so fundamentally important for us to… Read more »

Influential Women in HR and Recruitment: Melanie Punch

To mark 2020’s International Women’s Day (IWD), Oasis HR is showcasing four influential women in our network that we feel have shown resistance, passion, and determination in their fields. We are excited to introduce our third ‘International Woman Of The Year’… Melanie Punch. Mel is an influential careers advisor who has been a big part… Read more »

Influential Women in HR and Recruitment: Mieke Contreras

To mark 2020’s International Women’s Day (IWD), Oasis HR is showcasing four influential women in our network that we feel have shown resistance, passion, and determination in their fields. We are excited to introduce our third ‘International Woman Of The Year’… Mieke Contreras. Mieke is a Senior Talent Partner, who has built a substantial career… Read more »

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Building a Talent Pool

Building and nurturing a talent pool is one of the most effective ways to support a business’s long term growth plans. When managed well, this approach can help businesses hire top quality talent faster and more cheaply than a reactive recruitment model. However, despite its obvious benefits, many organisations struggle with making talent pooling a… Read more »

4 Tips for Explaining Career Breaks and Gaps in Your CV 

Gaps in your CV are never ideal. But there are plenty of perfectly good and justifiable reasons for career breaks! If you’re searching for a new role and have found yourself faced with a problematic gap in your past experience, don’t be disheartened. Many employers will simply be looking for an explanation for the gap,… Read more »

Influential Women in HR and Recruitment: Ruth Musetti

To mark 2020’s International Women’s Day (IWD), Oasis HR is showcasing four influential women in our network that we feel have shown resistance, passion, and determination in their fields. We are excited to introduce our second ‘International Woman Of The Year’… Ruth Musetti. Ruth is an influential HR Business Partner who has excelled in her HR… Read more »

9 Facts You NEED To Know About Upskilling Tech Talent

Did you know that one of every four of your employees is looking for a job? That means tomorrow, a quarter of your company could be quitting… As technology innovations accelerate and advance business processes, many senior business leaders are finding that recruitment for sought after talent is taking longer – by an average of… Read more »

Influential Women in HR and Recruitment: Margaret Buj

To mark 2020’s International Women’s Day (IWD), Oasis HR is showcasing four influential women in our network that we feel have shown resistance, passion, and determination in their fields. We are excited to introduce our first ‘International Woman Of The Year’… Margaret Buj. Margaret is an influential recruitment leader pushing to hire more women in the… Read more »

3 Ways CSR Can Boost Employee Satisfaction

More and more companies are finding that corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives positively impact employee satisfaction and business in general. In 2018, the highest levels of volunteering were seen in students (24%) and in people employed for under eight hours a week (25%), according to a study by Caf UK. This is likely to be… Read more »

How to Create a Culture That Promotes Both Personal Development & Wellness

With 21% of employees in the United Kingdom being set goals by their managers, it’s clear that personal development is on the minds of many in the professional industry. While goal setting can be a great way to do so, it’s important to keep in mind that there are even more ways to achieve maximum potential… Read more »

Upskilling Tech Talent Through Assessment Based Learning

The majority of businesses are currently suffering from a skills shortage; not helped by Brexit and the significant reduction of EU nationals joining UK workforces (61,000 – according to the Guardian). And this skills shortage is showing no signs of improving, with 63% of organisations reporting this problem during the last 12 months. This, coupled… Read more »

3 Ways to Create a Workplace Culture Based on Employee Wellbeing

Encouraging employee wellbeing, and in return productivity, is likely to be a top priority for HR Leaders. Regardless of the size of your organisation, a business is only as good as the people in it. As a business looking to build your employer brand, it is crucial that you not only recruit the right candidates,… Read more »

What to Say When Handing In Your Notice: 4 Top Tips

So, you have decided you are ready for a new job. You’re not alone, a study revealed that 60% of workers have quit or are considering quitting their jobs right now… So how do you make a smooth transition from your current job into your next? Read on to learn more about ‘resignation best practice’… Read more »

Delivering an Effective Succession Planning Strategy

According to Barton for Talent Wins, two-thirds of companies have no formal succession plan in place. Quite an alarming fact when you consider the risk associated with not identifying and growing talent for leadership and business-critical roles. Whilst the traditional 9-box grid has previously been fundamental for supporting succession planning, is it still as relevant today?… Read more »

7 Steps You Should Follow When Implementing a Recruitment Data Strategy

Despite popular belief, internal recruitment teams don’t tend to suffer from a shortage of data. From payroll insights to candidate source information; there’s a great deal of insight that can be gleaned from standard activities to help benchmark your function and inform business decisions. However, without understanding what data you actually need to collect, interpret… Read more »

Upskilling: The Solution to the UK’s Post-Brexit Woes?

You’ve seen the headlines; the post-Brexit economy is scheduled to change the way UK businesses operate. To sum up a long and overly reported story, businesses are fearing, among other things, that a talent exodus coupled with migrant flow restrictions will create more talent shortages. In fact, it’s already starting to happen. Since the Brexit… Read more »

6 Things to Consider When Preparing for Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Addressing workplace equality can significantly benefit an organisation’s culture and reputation. It ensures talent is supported and helps businesses achieve their organisational objectives. And whilst diversity headlines have largely been dominated by the Gender Pay Gap over the last couple of years, we’re now moving into the age of ethnicity pay gap reporting. The consultation… Read more »