RTT – Strategic Workforce Planning and Forecasting

In times of unprecedented change, many organisations struggle to adequately balance supply and demand when it comes to their workforce. Once the preserve of the management consultancies and professional services organisations, the need for solid insight that supports better resource planning decisions (in a function already flooded with data) is now routinely sought by HR… Read more »

3 Reasons you’re finding it so Difficult to Hire Reward Professionals

So it’s that time of year again, bonuses are due to be paid and in the reward world the ‘other side’ is in reach as year end activities start to wind down, and as such many reward professionals are now toying with the idea of speaking to a recruiter and weighing up the opportunities available…. Read more »

TTT – Global Talent Development Programmes and Measuring their Success

Organisations are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to developing talent programmes to help their employees fulfil their potential, and achieve and maintain competitive advantage. What’s critical is that such talent programmes are closely aligned to the business’s long-term objectives and succession planning needs. During this session we discussed talent programmes on a global scale… Read more »

RTT – Managing a Large Pool of Contractors

The growth of the contractor market has played an incredibly significant role in shaping the UK’s economy over the last 12 months. And for some industries, notably IT and construction, the demand for skilled contractors is showing no signs of slowing. More people than ever are seeking opportunities that provide greater flexibility than a traditional 9-5 ‘job for… Read more »

RTT – C-Suite Level Recruitment: Best Practice and Lessons Learnt

Hiring at c-suite level is different from any other form of recruitment. Companies are often looking for a needle in a haystack and any decision to hire is by no means taken lightly. With so much riding on selecting the right individual, it’s crucial for recruitment to have a firm handle on the whole process…. Read more »

Recruiting Redefined: How Marketing and Sales Changed the Game

In today’s highly competitive field of recruitment, landing the best available talent requires organisations to rethink their resourcing strategies. In recent decades recruiting has undergone a paradigm shift. Traditionally, top organisations outsourced their recruitment work to external agencies. Yet as the demand for skilled employees increased and unemployment decreased, organisations began bringing their recruitment processes in-house. Human… Read more »

DTT – Diversity as a Business Strategy

HR functions have been proactively championing and pushing the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) agenda for a long time; but does it have the required buy-in from the rest of the business or is it still just a ‘tick-box’ exercise for many organisations? It’s often easy to find yourself repeating the same practices out of habit… Read more »

Mental Health in Schools: What should we be doing to help?

This blog is a contribution to Rachel Hodgson’s (HR Consultant) ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing‘ series which documents the reality of mental health conditions and how we should ALL be focusing on prevention to provide a lasting change: Mental Health in Schools Last month I introduced Mental Health – Workplace, at home and beyond – WHY should… Read more »

Franki goes to… Bollywood!

Senior Consultant, Franki Crosse, is currently on a five month sabbatical from Oasis HR. In this blog series titled ‘Franki goes to…’ we follow her travels around the world and keep up to speed with what she’s been up to on her adventure! It’s Monday morning UK time, I’ve just seen my team group WhatsApp starting our… Read more »

The In-house Recruitment Expo 2017!

What a brilliant couple of days at the 2017 In-house Recruitment Expo! Resourcing Insight, Oasis HR’s sister company, were in full swing speaking to some great delegates about all things recruitment data. Additionally Resourcing Insight’s founder, Jeremy Thornton, delivered a fantastic seminar on ‘the 10 critical steps to help demonstrate resourcing’s value through data and analytics’. If you have any questions… Read more »

Feels like great Chemistry…

We are excited to announce that the Chemistry Group has become a formal Partner of the HR Think Tank Series! The dynamic talent management business has specifically joined the Resourcing and Talent Think Tank to help inform the group’s discussion and shape thinking with their impressive knowledge in the world of talent. Chemistry’s sole purpose… Read more »

How will the Trade Union Act affect Industrial Action in your Business?

From 4th May 2016 the Trade Union Act set out to protect people from undemocratic industrial action following a series of modernised reforms announced by the Government in 2015. In summary, the Act was introduced to ensure strikes can only go ahead as a result of a clear democratic mandate from union members, with a… Read more »

Mental Health & Wellbeing: Workplace, Home and Beyond – WHY should I care?

This blog is a contribution to Rachel Hodgson’s (HR Consultant) ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing‘ series which documents the reality of mental health conditions and how we should ALL be focusing on prevention to provide a lasting change: Introducing Mental Health and Wellbeing This blog aims to introduce Mental Health for the workplace, at home and… Read more »

RTT – Integrating Marketing and Recruitment

An increasing number of organisations are embracing the concept that recruiters should be thinking more like marketers, and rightly so. However it is often challenging to integrate marketing with recruitment to ensure that there is a consistent message and clear lines of accountability. Successful recruitment marketing tends to come down to two key components; firstly… Read more »

School is in Session: 5 Lessons on Better Graduate Engagement

When it comes to successful graduate recruitment, engagement is everything. Tomorrow’s talent wants to connect with real people, experience the authenticity of a brand, and delve into company culture — all before they even consider applying. But what is the best way to facilitate that? Graduate recruitment remains one of the most cost-effective ways to make… Read more »

HRLTT – Leading through Times of Uncertainty

Leading through times of uncertainty and change is a critical skill for any individual with leadership responsibility. Whether the uncertainty stems from a shift in the business’ strategic direction, a change in the senior leadership team or a change in external conditions e.g. Brexit, it is key that the change is communicated and worked through… Read more »

HRLTT – Getting to Grips with the Senior Manager Certification Regime

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen the FCA and PCBS start developing new Senior Manager and Certification Regimes to help embed personal accountability into the Financial Services (FS) sector and improve industry standards. As of March this year a new Senior Manager Certification Regime (SMCR) was introduced to focus on relevant individuals who… Read more »

TTT – Adopting Agile Working Methodologies Within Technology Businesses

The business landscape of today is rife with technological innovation, and the current nature of the market means that organisations are having to work more efficiently than ever to maintain competitive advantage and satisfy their ever-demanding customers. Technology businesses seem to be moving away from the traditional methods of software development (such as Waterfall) and… Read more »

RTT – Using Technology to Enhance Candidate Engagement and Experience

Candidate experience seems to be on everyone’s agenda.  Companies are beginning to join the dots and understand the wider implications that an applicant’s experience can have on their brand. One American airline calculated that their rejected applicants spent over $40m a year on flights. They started to give rejected candidates $10 vouchers off their next… Read more »

RTT – Video and the Recruitment Lifecycle: A Tool to Attract, Engage and Select

Over the last five years, using video for interviewing and as a candidate engagement tool has become widely used within the recruitment process across an ever-growing range of industries. In addition, its use has expanded far into the employee lifecycle. This Resourcing Think Tank looked at how we can ensure it becomes an intuitive part of… Read more »

RTT – Is your Selection Process fit for Purpose?

An organisation’s selection process provides a valuable window to assess the potential value a candidate can offer. It’s therefore important to make sure that you understand the attributes of a good hire and that the screening tools you use are helping recruit these individuals. Measuring the potential impact they have on the business’s bottom line… Read more »

RTT – External Resourcing Metrics and Analytics across Financial Services

Having access to accurate MI, reporting and analytics is essential to maximising the performance of any Financial Services Resourcing function. Whilst many Financial Services companies have their own internal analytics capability, enabling them to analyse historical performance, most don’t have access to accurate external market analytics or performance data. Those that do usually rely on… Read more »

RTT – The Evolution of Resourcing and its Impact on Quality of Hire

Resourcing as a function must become better at demonstrating the value it brings to an organisation. It needs to do this if it wants to evolve as a function and become a true trusted advisor to the business. While some businesses are on this journey, and quality is the driver, many remain in their default… Read more »

HRLTT – Engaging Staff beyond Remuneration: How ‘Purpose’ becomes Central to your EVP

As a follow on from our previous HR Leadership Think Tank (HRLTT) on ‘What is the Purpose of HR?’, this post delves into the topic of Engagement. More specifically we explore the role of a purpose-led culture and EVP in attracting talent and creating engagement, whilst also establishing any wider benefits to an organisation’s health and prosperity. These are… Read more »