The Power of Networking – Attending an HR Think Tank Series Event

In a world propelled by the continued development of technology and communication channels, it often seems that people forget the need to fully engage with market peers, suppliers, clients and occasionally, even colleagues. Whilst it’s easy to ascertain how individuals hide behind their computer screen and telephone, why is it that we avoid doing what comes most naturally to us and circumvent face-to-face conversation? Yes time, or a lack of, plays an integral role in our ability (or willingness) to extract ourselves from demanding work schedules; but, are we really prepared to overlook the benefits, and ultimately the power, of networking?

The HR Think Tank Series

Maintaining close relationships with stakeholders feeds into the success of any business but developing and enriching those relationships is crucial for sustained success. Following a series of conversations with our clients, candidates and HR counterparts we took it upon ourselves to create an events-based platform to drive and absorb thought-leadership, exchange business best practice and raise the profile of HR. This platform, the HR Think Tank Series (HRTTS), is made up of approximately 800 senior strategically-focused members and meets circa 40 times per year. The Series is comprised of six subgroups each devoted to a specific area of HR:

Attending a Think Tank

If you’re ‘umming and arring’ about attending one of our Think Tanks, we would absolutely encourage you to register and give it a try. All events are entirely free and structured as intimate round-table discussions comprised of 15-20 senior strategically focused HR professionals. Each session is centred around a specific topic, but occasionally the conversation runs slightly off-course depending on our attendees’ particular frustrations; which is why we very much believe the events should be dictated by our members’ needs.

The HRTTS’s strapline is ‘Thought Provoking, Peer to Peer Discussion, Debate and Therapy’, therapy being the operative word, as you will often find that getting an issue off your chest with likeminded professionals is a fantastic step in the right direction for reaching the solution.

During the events we often pull a couple of regular attendees aside to video their thoughts about the session, so don’t be alarmed if you see camera on the day! All events are held under Chatham House rules, so you can rest assured that none of the conversation will be filmed or leave the room. Click here to see some video testimonials.

What’s in it for me?

  •  Timely communication keeping you up-to-speed with issues facing strategic level HR professionals in the form of the monthly e-newsletter and event announcements
  • The ability to increase your professional credibility and reputation, both internally within your organisation and externally across the market
  • A personal introduction to like-minded senior-level professionals from a range of industries, including access to their contact details
  • The opportunity to develop and grow two-way relationships with fellow members and a dynamic forward-thinking recruitment partner
  • Access to fresh thought-leadership covering pertinent senior-level issues faced by your market peers
  • An opportunity to leverage original thought-leadership generated on the day for strategic business development
  • Immediate invitation to join the members’ exclusive LinkedIn group, providing you with a platform to continue the conversation or initiate new discussions online
  • Access to Executive Summaries written in the form of blogs; covering the key themes and takeaways from each event.

The general itinerary:

09.00 – Arrival and networking

09.30 – Start

11.00 – Coffee and networking

11.15 – Hot seats

12.15 – Final thoughts and takeaways

12.30 – Finish

If you would like to find out more about the events or would like to come along to your first session contact Katie Barr on or ring 0207 11 88 444.

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