The Top 10 Secrets of Getting yourself Headhunted

Headhunting is one of the highest forms of flattery within recruitment. You have stood out in a saturated market, for one reason or another, and we want to offer you a (hopefully) better opportunity.

So what is it that makes you stand out compared to another LinkedIn profile (your colleague, for example), and how can you differentiate yourself from the competition?

1.    Reveal yourself! Profiles with a photo are much more likely to catch our eye and make you memorable amongst the masses.

2.    Complete your LinkedIn profile. The more detail, the better, for two reasons: Firstly, you will appear higher in search results if your profile is ‘complete’. Try and get a variety of keywords in, particularly criteria that we are likely to search (i.e. sector experience, team management, client groups). Secondly, the more information we can gauge, the more likely we are to call with a relevant opportunity.

3.    Sell yourself. Tell us about your achievements, rather than just what you do. Most HR Business Partners will have similar responsibilities, but it’s your achievements that will make you stand out.

4.    Blow your own trumpet! The best way to show your experience (without appearing arrogant) is via recommendations. Previous managers, key internal stakeholders or external suppliers are all great people to recommend you. (p.s. it can be quite obvious if your team all recommend each other, for the sake of recommendations!)

5.    Check your spelling! Are you really a ‘HR Manger’ or a ‘Recrutment Advisor’? It shows poor attention to detail.

6.    Give us a chance… If you are open to new opportunities, help us out by providing some contact details on your profile. This is a subtle way to show that you are willing to have a discussion, without having to be too obvious! If you have recently finished a role, updating your headline to ‘Available for new opportunities’ or ‘Seeking next interim role’ will be sure to attract attention.

7.    Be approachable. We appreciate you are at work, and we will aim to keep it brief. If you aren’t interested, that’s fine! If you are interested and are sitting next to your manager, lines such as “Can you drop me an email?” tend to work well.

8.    Show commitment. If you are interested in our opportunity and agree to speak with us further at say, 6pm, ensure that you make yourself available. If we are unable to reach you on several occasions, it paints the impression that you aren’t serious about it, and we are likely to lose interest.

9.    Be a proactive networker. Be known in the market for the right reasons! Refer others, get involved in discussions, connect to others within your fields, write articles, attend suitable events, etc.

10.  What goes around comes around. If it’s not the right opportunity for you, and you know of someone who it may be perfectly suited to, let us know. We appreciate the help, and will remember you for it. It also gives us a better idea of what you are interested in.

Hannah Waters

Written by , Research Team Lead

Hannah joined Oasis HR in January 2011 after graduating with a 2.1 degree in Physical Geography. Having been promoted twice, Hannah now manages our Research Team and is due to finish her CMI course next year. Hannah specialises in HR Business Partner & Head of HR positions, and is also responsible for managing the HR Business Partner Think Tank. In her spare time, she is a keen fitness-enthusiast (most of the time…!), and completed the Mens Health ‘Survival of the Fittest’ challenge in 2012. She is competing again this year, and has recently started the Insanity workout (a craze that is slowly sweeping the office). Hannah is also about to trek the Inca Trail in Peru as part of a short tour of South America.

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