Turning Recruitment Metrics into Meaningful Business Success Indicators

As strategic HR professionals (who want to be taken seriously!) aren’t we bored of simply talking cost and time when it comes to measuring our impact? Our HR Think Tank Series partner, Hollaroo, share their take on what it means to turn recruitment data into genuine indicators of success…

Hollaroo LogoThe internet is full of great resources if you want to review your recruitment metrics. There are 51 suggestions on this list and a comprehensive 83 ideas here.

But despite the abundance of information, turning recruitment metrics into meaningful business success indicators is the third biggest concern for HR Think Tanks members. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choice of metrics, never mind sort through multiple data sources!

At Hollaroo we’ve spent a lot of time configuring meaningful metrics for our platform. Here I’d like to share some of our top value-adding metrics and offer some ideas for making sure they translate into business success indicators rather than being confined to the realm of the recruitment team. Follow this link to read on and learn about what, as Recruitment professionals, you ought to be measuring…


Hugh Fordham

Written by , CEO at Hollaroo

An extremely experienced tech visionary, Hugh's experience in both a corporate and startup environment combined with deep understanding of the Recruitment and HR world, places him as one of the industries most insightful leaders. Deep knowledge of agile and PM methodologies, in particular delivering cloud applications for enterprise customers, Hugh's able to bridge the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities to reliably deliver effective solutions. This knowledge has been baked into the heart of the Hollaroo platform - his current business innovation. Hugh has a passion for providing great service to our clients, and has a deep knowledge of how platforms and technology fit in the HR tech stack. Those who know Hugh will realise he is the nice guy who sees his job as the enabler for other people to achieve great things.

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