How to use Pinterest to Assist your Job Search

Pinterest for finding a job? Surely not you might be thinking. You will probably be thinking isn’t Pinterest the site that is great for looking up recipes, crafts and fashion for personal use or for marketing a business? How are you going to find a job through it?

Whilst it’s true that you are unlikely to find a job advertised on Pinterest this popular social media site is also great for promoting yourself as a professional. If you haven’t tried personal Pinterest marketing as a means of enhancing your job search or promoting your own personal brand, you are missing out on some great opportunities.

So how can you assist your job search and personal branding by making use of Pinterest? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and how you can use the site.

Why Personal Pinterest Marketing is So Important

When you think about marketing yourself as a professional, you probably think more about sites like LinkedIn. Although LinkedIn can absolutely be used for professional and personal marketing, you shouldn’t focus all of your efforts on one site. By being active on more than one social media site, you can expand your reach and show the world just how involved you are in today’s technology. This might be especially helpful if you are what is considered to be a more mature jobseeker.

A surprising number of people use Pinterest each and every day, and being active on this site and knowing how to promote yourself can help you make connections with many of these individuals. We all know how important networking is and we can never be sure where the ‘connection’ that leads to that next role will come from.

Plus, you can increase your chances of being found if people look up your name on Google and other search engines, and they see that you are using creative ways of sharing yourself and your work with the world. Furthermore, Pinterest can be a lot of fun, so you can enjoy yourself while also taking positive steps toward developing your personal brand and searching for a new role.

Practical Tips For Using The Site

Hopefully by now you are considering how you might make use of the site to promote yourself; let’s take a look at some practical tips for making the most of Pinterest.

1. An Opportunity To Emphasise Your Skills:
Pinterest makes it easy for you to let the world know about your marketable skills. When filling out your profile, take the time to fill out the “About Me” section – this provides you with a great opportunity to tell people what you do for a living, what you have done in the past and more. Many people skip this section or don’t take their time on it, but it’s important to take a few minutes to put together a nice blurb about yourself.

2. Put a Face to the Name:
Having a face in mind helps people feel more connected to you, so make sure that you add a suitable picture of yourself to your profile. Your picture doesn’t have to be a professional headshot if you don’t want it to be, although this can be a nice and professional-looking touch. Just make sure that your photo is appropriate and that it shows your face to those who haven’t met you in person before.

Personally I use the same profile picture across all my social media accounts as that helps with recognition and of course is in line with the personal branding advice I give.

3. Share Your Achievements:
If you’re a blogger or have been working on other online projects, Pinterest makes it easy for you to share these things with the world. Create “Pins” and share your new blog posts and any online projects that you have done yourself or collaborated with others on; then, your followers can easily see what you have been up to. You can see that I have done this with posts from my Learning and Development Insights blog.

4. Link to Other Social Media:
If you haven’t already linked to your other social media accounts on Pinterest, now is the time to do so as a part of your personal Pinterest marketing campaign. Within ‘Account Settings’, you can add links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then, people can quickly and easily see your other accounts to learn more about you and follow you on these sites as well. Do be aware though that Pinterest will automatically share your pins to the site on Twitter and/or Facebook and that may be something that you want to control yourself.

5. Share Your Resume/CV:
One excellent way to share your CV with the world is to create a Pinterest-worthy resume infographic to share with your fans and followers. There are software programmes that you can use to make an infographic all about yourself, but make sure that it contains your most pertinent information in an attractive and creative way.

Many people create charts, timelines and more, but even just highlighting various key career highlights in different sizes and colours within the graphic will make it visually appealing whilst still providing all of the necessary information about you and your career. You can also share your Word Cloud as I have done on my CV Pinterest Board at Paul Duxbury CV. If you want more information about creating a Word Cloud from your CV take a look at my post Is Your CV in The Clouds? 

Another creative personal Pinterest marketing tip is to create an entire board that you can designate as your ‘Visual Resume’. You can then include Pins about your online work and so much more, and you will be doing it in a way that is attractive and interesting for all of your followers and people who stumble across you online. This is especially useful if you are in a creative profession and gives you another opportunity to share a ‘real-time’ portfolio that documents your skills, talents and achievements.

In summary 

Although many people never think of using Pinterest as a means of promoting themselves as professionals, skipping it can cause you to miss out on building business connections and opportunities to build your personal brand. Getting involved with this popular site is good fun , but it’s also a great way to get your name out there and to make valuable connections that can help you with your job search. So if you do decide to try it out do come and connect with me at Paul Duxbury Learning and Development Professional!

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Paul Duxbury is a Learning and Development Manager with extensive experience of Coaching and designing, delivering and evaluating Learning and Development Solutions which enable organisations and people to achieve their objectives. Having worked in both commercial and not for profit organisations he understands the way organisations work and is able to bring a unique perspective to creating solutions. He relishes the opportunity to help others develop and to encourage them to try out new ideas and approaches. So even during his current job search he continues to share ideas which others can use to help them in finding a new job. He loves being able to influence change and ensuring the focus of activity is on "People First" whether that is staff, customers or suppliers. He is very focused on making a genuine difference in what he does.

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2 Responses to “How to use Pinterest to Assist your Job Search”

  1. Steve Bullhorn

    Hi Paul,

    I’m interested to know if you have any evidence of these approaches, specifically Pinterest, having concrete results in terms of finding employment? What advantages do these have over sending a tailored, speculative approach to company that you know you would like to work.

    For example, an online CV and CV cloud is good at highlighting your skills, achievements, ambitions and experience, but how do you know if they will get in front of the right people? How many HR Directors are looking for candidates on pinterest?

    I’m open to new job searching techniques, but not sure of whether Pinterest actually has solid results?


    • Paul Duxbury

      Hi Steve

      Very good question and as I am sure you might expect the answer isn’t quite as straightforward as one approach being better than the other.

      I am sure you are right that there aren’t that many HR Directors trawling Pinterest looking for candidates but as with all networking you never know who you might meet and where it might lead. So, the HR Director (to use your example) might well be on Pinterest looking at other things and come across me because I have pinned an article I recently wrote about Learning and Development. They may then take a look at other pins I have added to my Pinterest Boards and discover that I am available for a new role and by chance they have recently been discussing appointing a new L&D person. I am not guaranteeing it will happen, of course I can’t, as I am sure you will appreciate but nor can I guarantee that any other networking activity will work.

      I wouldn’t recommend having a Pinterest account with just your CV website on it. I would suggest that people look to share their own articles and/or material from others relevant to the industry and/or roles that they are looking to work in. If you have had a look at my Pinteret account which was linked to in the article you will see I have a number of different boards around relevant topics.

      The significant advantages of Pinterest are that it is incredibly popular and Google (and the other search engines) currently love it so the backlinks from the site are very valuable in terms of ranking your own CV website.

      I should also stress that I don’t recommend only using Pinterest in your job search campaign. Like any marketing campaign it needs to take advantage of all the social media and online resources that are available. We all are, I am sure, aware that recruiters and employers are now searching for people on the internet so being visibly active on a number of sites is going to help you get found. As I have mentioned a CV Website a number of times in my response let me just emphasise that is the one thing that I believe everyone should have and that it should be at the heart of your online marketing (job search) campaign and you can find a few of my articles around the topic over at LinkedIn.

      I hope that helps?




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